During the calm after the storm, you need to be very careful when assessing tree removal. STORM CLEARING and tree cleanup is for the professionals. Do not try to do it by yourself. There are great companies who are specialized in Storm clearing in Austin, TX and stump removal services in Austin, TX including Stump grinding. Here are some things that you should do.

Initial reaction
After a major storm, a lot of homeowners are concerned about the state of their trees, and many consider cutting them off. This can sometimes lead to hasty decisions being taken and many trees are felled where some or most might have been saved. Do not underestimate the power of trees. They have been around longer than us and have great powers of regeneration.

Look around carefully
Approach any damaged of fallen trees with extreme caution and care. If you see downed wires, steer clear of them and call 911 if necessary. If you see a largish branch or tree hanging due to tension, do not hesitate and call for professional help.

Check out these conditions
If the tree is vigorous and healthy besides storm damage, chances are that it will recover after receiving a bit of first aid attention immediately. Also, the larger the broken limb, harder is it to recover from the damage caused. If all or most of the main branches are gone after the storm, there is little chance of the tree surviving. This is because it might not have necessary food to replenish itself and re-grow the branches. You should consider taking the tree down using professionals.

Stunted Growth
In some species of trees, the main branch is the most important. If it has suffered extensive damage and is broken, there is little chance of the tree making it to the next year. Consider removal in these cases. However do take the opinion of a specialist before doing so; they are in a better position to take the judgment call. If the tree loses the leader, its growth will be stunted. If there remain at least 50% of branches and leaves on the tree, you should try to give it time to revive itself. A tree which has less than 50% branches and leaves, has little chance of survival into the next season due to lack of nourishment.

The wounds can heal
You should check out the wounds on the tree, and consider them carefully. If there are large wounds where the main branches were ripped off, the tree will remain vulnerable to attack from insects and disease. Generally a wound of 2-3 inches on a trunk with a diameter of 12 inches will heal in time with new bark and wood by the next season.

Taking the decision
If there is relatively less damage, then the broken branches have to be pruned, torn bark and rough edges have to be repaired as well, and the tree left as it is to give it time for recovery. It will come around in due time. If the tree is a valuable one, and the case is a borderline one, the best thing to do is not to interfere, and give it time for getting recovery. If you do not see improvements after a period of time, consider sawing it off and call a professional for stump removal or stump grinding.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for Tommy's Tree Service who are among the leading tree clean up & storm clearing in Austin, TX.