Undergoing assertiveness skills training comes with a lot of benefits. Not only can it help improve your day to day social skills, it can also make your life a lot better and make yourself a lot happier.

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1) State The Obvious.

I get it. You don't want to say anything that might offend another person. However, isn't it frustrating how little regard others seem to have for our efforts or our time?

Let's say a friend asks you to meet her at the local coffee shop at 3 in the afternoon. She comes in at 4 - an hour late and apologetic.

Your first response would naturally be to forgive her and move on. The next time she arranges for another coffee date, she arrives late yet again. How could you possibly assert your disapproval without coming across as rude or accusing?

If you've undergone proper assertiveness skills training, you know there is a way for you to relay the message properly. Instead of glaring at her all afternoon or starting a fight, say, "We were supposed to meet at 3 and now it's 4."

By stating a simple fact, you're letting her know that you're aware of her constant tardiness. Just don't say this in a condescending tone because that just might turn into a big fight.

2) Keep It Positive.

With the help of assertiveness skills training, there is a way for you to use positivity as your weapon.

Let's say that you're brainstorming with your co-workers about an idea for a marketing campaign. You have some ideas yourself; but being the introverted person that you are, you keep them to yourself.

If you can't muster up the courage to say them out loud, start by saying something positive about somebody else's idea first. "That should please the client and the target consumers at the same time" is an example.

Saying something positive will win your brownie points. After that, you can suggest an idea of your own.

3) Meet And Greet.

Have you ever noticed how the security guard in your building always says good morning, good afternoon or good evening? What about the service crew member at your favorite fast food joint?

One way to practice assertiveness is to greet these same people back; or better yet, be the first to give a greeting. Doing this not only makes you look good in their eyes, it also allows you to get used to the feeling of speaking and socializing with other people.

Assertiveness skills training is important, especially if you want to succeed in any field. Why don't you try some of these strategies out for yourself?

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