Do you also want to be a GST aspirants? Looking for an expert guidance on GST to help you stir your career & goals in the right direction? I will be going to answer some of your questions and briefly discuss about how a certified GST practitioner course is benefitting to professionals across the country.


What and who is a GST Petitioner?


In an era where the market place has a clutter of clones, opting for a certified GST practitioner course comes as a golden opportunity to break the ice & get hired immediately with comparatively high salary, career growth, and promotion opportunities to senior levels. A certified GST practitioner course adds huge value to your career & helps you break from the clutter of clones. So, how does a certified GST practitioner course help you build your career?

What are the benefits of a Certified GST Practitioner?

The instigation of GST has created a heavy demand of jobs for certified GST professionals, as the businesses across the country now need an expert GST professional to help them in GST management, upgradation, and reconciliation.

Over 1 lakh job opportunities are expected to hit the market which includes taxation, accounting & data analysis.

For aspiring accountants, adding GST certification course to the CV will certainly & strongly act as a turning point.

IIPTR (Initiative Institute of Professional Training & Research) helps you attain your goal of becoming a GST professional who can live up to the requirements of multiple industry verticals.

At IIPTR, we offer a certified & job-oriented GST certification course for all those who want to make & upgrade their career in this domain. Our course helps you get deeper insights on GST laws.

The course is developed by IIPTR and delivered by the IIPTR accredited faculty members to unleash maximum potential out of our students.


Who is ideal for pursuing GST petitioner?

Our strategically proven course is ideal for students, entrepreneurs as well as professionals from varied backgrounds who aspire to learn & seek depth into the GST funnel.

Students who want to trigger a perfect kick start to their career in this field or professionals who want to upgrade their existing knowledge can enrol for this course.

Additionally, we offer ‘Anywhere Anytime Learning’ program for the aspirants who cannot attend our sessions. They can learn through our online sessions. We make sure you learn from the comfort of your home or office at convenient timings.


Any knowledge or experience needed to opt for it?

No. You do not need to have any prior knowledge or experience to enrol for our certification course. We welcome our students as blank slates so that our faculties can actively paint the picture of knowledge & confidence by taking them through each step slowly & gradually towards a bigger picture.


After completion of the course, the candidate will be able to:

Gain an overall understanding of the GST laws covering its implementation, compliance & enforcement

Understand how GST would impact the functioning of your organization & changes in the business process required for compliance with the new law

Acquire practical knowledge of the various procedures required under GST Act, such as Registration, Filing of Returns, availing Input Tax Credit, TDS (Tax Deduction at Source for Government Buyers) compliance, and refunds.


Do all this interest you? Can you see how beneficial is being a GST petitioner? If you are also opting to be a GST petitioner you can opt for a course. Only a few good institutes are providing the GST course. you can have a look a give your career a kick–start.        

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