If you are an Australia based Magento ecommerce store owner and are making good profits by selling your products, you must sure be happy. But, think about the kind of situation you get into when there is a shopping boom. Especially during festivals and other instances of discount offers on your store. Don’t you struggle to get shipments out of the door? You sure do! And to get over such situations, you need a tool that handles all your shipping related tasks.

Search for ecommerce shipping solutions Australia and you will find several tools that might serve your needs. However, you must make certain considerations before investing into one of these extensions blindly. But before we elaborate that for you, you need to figure out why do you need a solution like this one.

Why Should You Invest into Australia Post Magento Extension?
Well, for the mere fact that if your business hits certain orders, you will need a seamless way to manage your shipping operations. A superior quality Australian shipping solution will help you and your customers with a lot of aspects including automating the labels, tracking inventory, helping your customers to track their shipments etc. It also enables you to sell your products on different platforms and provides you with a single view for multiple selling sources.

And now, we will move on to the considerations you need to make before investing into a shipping solution.

Live Shipping Rates Feature

Let us say, the visitor comes to your store and orders a product for themselves. The next thing they need to know is – the amount of shipping charges they need to pay. Now, as most of the ecommerce stores liaise with the official Australia Post; they expect the customers to visit the official Australia Post website and check out the rates for themselves.

Unfortunately, customers might not be very happy to do this each time and it might result into cart abandonments for you. So, before you zero upon a good quality Australia Post extension, make sure that it provides you with the facility of checking out live rates from the Australia Post website. Try to find out a provider that is official partner with Australia Post. Things might get easier for you.

Multiple Shipping Methods

Australian ecommerce store owners need to make both domestic and international deliveries. And they need to add both these services for letters/parcels to their Magento e-store. So, you must ensure that your extension enables you to do that from the backend. Also, your customers should have the freedom to choose from amongst the multiple shipping methods.

A feature like this very important as customers always prefer some shipping provider over another. You can give them the freedom to choose from amongst different shipment providers including DHL, FedEx, Transdirect etc. In case a specific shipping method is missing, you can ask the extension providers to add it.

Shipping Rates Generation

The convenience of generating shipment rates is the most sought-after feature amongst the Australian e-store owners. This is majorly because the weight units of parcels vary from one parcel to another. When you choose to buy an Australia Post Magento extension, make sure it enables you to keep default product dimensions for your weight unit. When there is no explicit mention of height and weight parameters, the extension considers the default settings.

When you have numerous parcels coming in, a system like this can take most of the burden off your shoulders. Check with the shipping solution providers as to if they would be able to provide you with a functionality like this one. If not, you should reconsider investing into it.

Address Validation for Customers

While placing an order, there are times that customers might goof up with the details. Sometimes, they input wrong pin codes; making it difficult for the shipment companies to make the deliveries reach them. The shipping solutions also provide a solution to an issue like this one. Thus, when your customers input the wrong pin code, the extension gives the suggestion of right pin code according to the state selection.

For the Australian e-commerce store owners who have had several experiences of returned parcels due to the address input errors, address validation works quite well. Also, when the customers return to make a purchase again, the addresses stored in the system make the entire process easy and stress free for them.

Above given are some of the features which would make any shipping solution a complete one. If one of these is missing, you might face certain glitches in the shipping process. Get in touch with the best Australia Post Magento extension providers at the earliest!

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Maulik Shah is the Founder and CEO of AppJetty, a fast growing software add-on store selling extensions and plugins for various technologies, including Odoo themes and odoo apps Magento 1 extensions and Magento 2 extensions. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of ecommerce technology.

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