Borrowing money is becoming easier with different kinds of loans being available in the market and online. There has been a lot of advancement and technology that has helped in availing a personal loan from the comfort of home. An instant personal loan is a collateral-free loan and is completely unsecured. This makes the eligibility to apply for a personal loan very rigid. Many individuals are attaining a loan rejection due to various reasons. A personal loan can be rejected due to a bad credit score, low income, or bad financial stability. However, when a loan provider is not decisive about the financial stability of an individual, the loan provider may ask for a loan guarantor. Before you understand every aspect of a loan guarantor, you can work out various things. If you are asked to be a loan guarantor, understand the various risks involved in it.

Who is a loan guarantor?

A loan guarantor is an individual that takes the guarantee of an individual in the case of loan rejection. When an individual is not getting a loan due to a bad credit score or low income, he will seek a loan guarantor. A loan guarantor helps an individual to get a personal loan with the help of a good credit score and impressive credit background. The loan provider offers a loan based on the guarantee given by the loan providers. A loan provider usually considers a loan guarantor as security to offer a loan to someone with an unstable credit background. So, if you are helping someone being a loan guarantor you must understand the risks involved in it. It is a crucial aspect and one needs to understand the drawbacks related to being a loan guarantor.

Risks involved in being a loan guarantor

● A loan burden: Borrowing is a burden. When you take up the responsibility of being a loan guarantor, you get the loan burden too. It is not easy to deal with a loan. The burden of repayment and debt will be equally on the loan guarantor without enjoying the fund from the personal loan.
● Damaging credit score: When you are a loan guarantor to someone, you will damage your credit score when something undesirable happens. When there is a delay in payments or default you will have a negative impact on your credit score. Though you are not enjoying the personal loan you may have to suffer the credit score damage. This puts a negative impact on your credit record and your credit report will have a negative debt repayment.
● Loss of savings: Indeed, a personal loan guarantor does not enjoy any personal loan amount. However, when the borrower is not able to pay or defaults on a loan, it comes to the loan guarantor. In such a case, you will end up paying the loan amount from your hard-earned money. The loan provider will be looking for you because you have taken the guarantee of the loan repayment. It is on you, and you need to use your savings in debt repayment.
● Borrowing limit: When you are a loan guarantor to someone, that loan gets added to your credit report. In such a case you will not be able to borrow till your debt is over. During any emergency, you will not be able to borrow for yourself.

Finishing up

A loan guarantor helps a borrower to get a personal loan in Jaipur when the loan provider asks for some sort of guarantee. Understand the drawbacks of being a loan guarantor and make sure you take such a risk only for friends and family.

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