Dear Lisa,

I am a man, and I would like to know why my girlfriend dumped me! Women also do the dumping! Why do you NOT have a WHY WOMEN DUMP MEN column on your site? Is it only a figment of the mind that men are also human?


Dear Representing,

Yes, men are human.

Most of them, in fact, are absolutely fabulous humans.
To answer your question, there is one main reason why my columns address women’s problems more frequently than men’s. First, for every letter I get from a man, I get ten from women. When I’m sifting through my mountains of mail, lots more of the letters are from women. I’m always delighted to offer advice or the female perspective to men who write in, but I need to be fair to my readership. The number of male writers is growing every month, and as more men write in, I’ll happily answer even more of their questions. It’s not a conspiracy, I promise.
As to why there’s no “Why Women Dump Men” article on my site, well, I’ve just never gotten around to taking that poll. But, since you asked, I’ll be happy to ask the question and let you know.

Here is goes:

Okay, girls – What reasons or factors cause you to dump a guy?

Thanks for your letter!

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