So many people tell me that they feel “yucky” when attempting to close a sale. They don’t want to feel that way and they don’t want their prospects to feel yucky either!

The key to erasing that concern is what you do before you make your irresistible offer. And this is: Give them a ton of value that they can immediately apply, but not so much that they are overwhelmed.

It’s all About Balance
As experts and heart-centered entrepreneurs, spreading our knowledge in the world, our natural tendency is to give and give. And that’s great. That’s what we’re here for. The problem is that sometimes during our presentations we can saturate our audience with so much information that by the time we start to tell them about the real depth of what we can provide, they’re full. They can’t take in anything else. It’s like giving them Thanksgiving dinner and then asking them if they want to buy dinner. They can’t. They just want to go home and go to bed.

So how do you strike that perfect balance so that you’re not short changing people who gave their valuable time to learn from you, but you’re not giving away the whole store?

Go Deep Dish
The answer is to go deep dish. This applies to any kind of presentation, and it means that you look at the content of what you’re giving them the opportunity to invest in—whether it’s a course, coaching series, event or information product—and you pick a piece that’s hot. This is the information that people keep coming back for because they get so much value from it. And you love to teach it.

Select that hot piece and then go deep, giving them what they need so that they can apply it and get great value from it right away.

After you’ve given them that powerful piece, they’ve gotten a great impression and they’re probably hungry for more. This is your opportunity to show them the rest of what you’ve got. So you sample through the rest of your system, blueprint or teaching, that, of course, you couldn’t get through in your 30-, 60- or 90-minute presentation. You give them little tastes of what they’ll get if they invest. This is the beginning of your moving into the last 15 minutes of your talk, which many call “the close.”

If you go deep dish before making your irresistible offer, nobody leaves feeling yucky. Those who didn’t invest have a great new tool or strategy. Those who did invest are eager to see what else they will learn.

And you also feel great, knowing that you served everyone in the room, including yourself and your purpose!
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