Singapore provides the perfect environment for doing business. Its geographic location makes it a crossroad for east and west. The government implements policy conducive to business development while a majority of its undertakings gear towards making the city-state a global entrepreneurial city.

Year 2010 proves to be a strong year for Singapore. In the third quarter, its Ministry of Trade and Industry announced a growth of 18.6%. It strengthened its first ranking in the 2011 Ease of Doing Business survey for the 5th year, and finished 4th in the Global Financial Centers Index.

Also in the same quarter, Singapore became a host to CleanTech One, an eco-business park that is one of the fastest-growing industries of the state. During its opening in October, the Ministry of Trade and Industry identified CleanTech One as among the key growth areas for the city-state’s economy with an expectation of boosting the GDP to S$3.4 billion revenues over the next 5 years.

Participating principally in the clean technology industry are multi-national corporations from the international community. Among them are GE, Siemens, Vestas Wind Systems, Nitto Denko, Hanlong Group, and Veolia.

Singapore is in full throttle to spearhead the research and development projects aimed at manufacturing alternative energy resources. The ecosystem it has built shall support innovations, nurture high-end R&D centers, and cultivate research and certification laboratories.

Foreigners are permitted to hold 100% company share ownership apart from a low taxation system in Singapore. In a brief talk with Asiabizsetup, entrepreneurs are given an overview of what to expect in forming a company in Singapore.

“Singapore protects Intellectual Property,” begins Asiabizsetup, “concepts that are converted into profit-yielding endeavors may be licensed, traded or sold in attractive amount.”

Evidence to that policy is the IBM’s extraction of more than US$1 billion annual revenue from licensing without having to manufacture a product.

Entrepreneurs can import their capital and repatriate their profits at any time,” Asiabizsetup continues, “they can directly run their business through a procurement of a Singapore Entrepreneur pass which shall qualify them to stay and leave Singapore premises at any time.”

The stable economy of the city-state is also consequential of its strong political governance. Dubbed as among the few least-corrupt nations in the world.

It is also the cleanest city in the world and among the most peaceful places to live in.

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