Dear Spiritual Family,

Each month I am gifted with a vision of a spiritual symbol along with an accompanying message that explains the energetics of the sacred image shown to me. I was instructed by my guides to paint the images and to share the messages with those who ultimately would be drawn to this profound work.

The message for June's New Moon & Solar Eclipse elaborates on the truism: As Above, So Below... As Within, So Without. We are reminded that everything in our lives is a mirror of what is deep within us, as well as what we create outwardly with our thoughts, words and actions. When we truly see the unifying elements everywhere we look, we can better understand that we are co-creators of our Universe... both individually and collectively.

We do not always get what we ask for; however, we always get what we vibrate! This realization helps us to focus on the good that we can do for others and trust in knowing that that is the energy that will ultimately come back to us. If something happens to you that seems negative, first seek within yourself to connect with the underlying lesson or energy that dwells there. Then trust that whatever lesson is to come your way, you will make the best out of the situation and reverberate that which is positive. Be a victor rather than a victim and outwardly everything around you will shift.

I invite you to view this month's symbol and channeled message, in addition to the other images for 2011, on the Sacred Symbols page of my website:

Author's Bio: 

Linda Carter Backes is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Channel.
As the owner of A Radiant Light for Body, Mind & Spirit, Linda offers energy sessions and training, intuitive readings, Light Body Activations and energetic chord cuttings. Also a co-facilitator of the Councils of Light, Linda helps others to embody the New Celestial Earth Consciousness through Initiation into the various Councils and experience an expanded awareness. She is committed to assisting others and Mother Earth in the Ascension process.