Summary of As a Man Thinketh by James Allen talks about the impact of our mind on our different aspects of our life. This book throws a light on the power of our thoughts to shape and transform our life. The author also states the importance of mastering our mind to achieve desired results in life. The key is to treat your mind like a garden so that it reaps amazing fruits in the form of good and powerful thoughts.


In the first part itself, the author explains to the readers the importance of self-awareness and the power to take control of your thoughts and life. This book aims to show you your latent potential that can come out if you are willing to practice self-awareness. If you overcome this step, you will realise how all your actions, decisions, physical health, and creativity are a result of thought process.


If you want to harness the power of your thoughts, then As A Man Thinketh by James Allen Book summary which is available on the RollingSlate website will help you reach that goal. Listed below are some benefits of practicing mind control:


The author starts the book by reiterating the impact of thoughts on our actions and everyday life. How winning over the petty thoughts and worries can actually work in our favour and transform our life. Just like thinking negative thoughts and worrying about the future is all in our mind similarly redirecting those thoughts into something positive can help us build our life.  It is very rightly said by someone that our subconscious actions on the outside matches with our thoughts on the inside. Therefore, we must make extra efforts to redirect our pessimistic thoughts.


If you are feeling perpetually lost in life, then it is you and only you who can take yourself out of that hole. Doing some soul searching could help you enlighten your thoughts.  It will also provide you with all the answers to the questions that are bothering you. If you want to learn more about mind control and overcoming your petty thoughts, then you can avail free online reading of this book which is available on various book summary websites.


The second important benefit of practicing mind control is remembering that it is not just us who are getting transformed by the outer world. Rather it is a two-way process. We transform the outside world too. Still don’t believe us? Don’t worry, continue to read on and find out how it is possible and how you too can transform the world by mastering your own thoughts.


Have you ever noticed that thinking about trouble actually lands you in one? It is because of the effect of thoughts on circumstances. The author uses garden as an analogy to make us understand the similarity between the two. If we cultivate fruitful seeds (good thoughts) in our garden (mind) and take care of them by watering and adding fertilizers, (practicing self-awareness and meditation) then the plants will be healthy (good end result) and similarly if we don’t cultivate fruitful seeds, weeds will take over (negative thoughts) and result in spoiling our garden (disturbing the mental piece) and the end result will be gruesome.

Therefore, always remember good thoughts and action produces remarkable end results.


If you are looking to know more about the effects of positive thoughts and for ways to calm your mind, then you can do the free online reading of this book which is available on various book summary websites.


The third golden nugget of information that James Allen provides in As A Man Thinketh summary is our purpose in life and our mind is very closely connected. Therefore, in order to dream big, our thoughts must reciprocate. Let us take an example to understand this point. If you truly believe that you can achieve a goal, you do everything in your reach to fulfil it. But if you sympathize and feel bad for yourself, then your willpower signals you that you can’t do it and ultimately you lose hope. A strong person can help a weak person out only if the latter is willing to take help.


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Key takeaways from the summary of As A Man Thinketh by James Allen are: Mind is the focal point of our lives. Our physical activity, purpose, determination to achieve something big, personality and perceptions are all directly dependent on our thoughts. If the thoughts are healthy and positive, then their impact on our life will also be positive and vice versa. Mastering one’s own thoughts boil down to the practice of meditation and self-awareness. 


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