You're blocked, stuck in your creative expression and flow, and it doesn't feel good. You hate being in this emotional state. In your despair you give attention, energy and focus to your block thereby strengthening the very block you wish to overcome. And you feel worse. You are literally and figuratively chocked in either your despair or anger over not being able to create what you are here to express, what is your purpose in life.

"Every artist writes his own autobiography." Havelock Ellis

May I suggest you stop blocking and literally chocking your own creative expression?

A block is a block. Period. It is merely an event, nothing more. Your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and meanings you place on the event of the block impact how you feel and how you view the circumstance of the event.

You can view your block as a pause, a gift of a moment to reflect and feed your soul with creative inspiration or you can make your block mean that you are not talented, smart, gifted, old, young, rich, pretty, or lucky enough to create what you want to express in your art and in your life. You can make your block mean that you simply cannot be, do and have what you desire most.

"Never feel self-pity, the most destructive emotion there is. How awful to be caught up in the terrible squirrel cage of self." - Millicent Fenwick

The meanings to attach to the event of your block are of your own doing. You have Found Excuses And Reasons (F.E.A.R.) why you cannot create, why you can't move forward in your career as an artist. And all these excuses, reasons and fears are just made up stuff. While your justifications may seem real to you they amount to little more than foolish assumptions. Your circumstance seems real to you because in your fearful state you only focus upon the block, that which you cannot do-be-have. You see evidence all around you that proves what you think your block means is the truth. You do not see, unconsciously ignore any evidence that contradicts your made up meaning, what you ass-u-me.

Allow yourself to be blocked for the moment. Calm down. Then examine the thoughts running through your head. You say you're not talented enough? According to whom? Focus upon all that you have created! Look at the people who are less talented yet are free and energized in their creative flow and career as an artist.

Let go and flow. Let go of the inaccurate, rigid and foolish ways of thinking about your block that made you feel bad. Remember, it is not the block that made you feel bad, it is what you had the block mean for and about you. Reach for a better, more supportive thought. How else can your temporary period of no creative inspiration be perceived? Let go of the 'should do' lectures you have given yourself or have received from others. Breathe.

When you are ready, look within and ask what does your Inner Being want to do and express? And allow yourself to flow passionately in your creative expression and truth.

"The modern artist, it seems to me, is working and expressing an inner world in other words - expressing the energy, the motion and other inner forces." - Jackson Pollock

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