Differentiated learning is one of the recommended methodologies as the individual’s learning capabilities are differentiated.

In a set classroom of 30 or more students, if we bring in customized or personalized learning, it may revolutionize the learning system in schools. Artificial intelligence acts as assistance for personalized learning in schools.

Let us understand personalized learning with AI and see how artificial intelligence help teachers.

The educational experience scores high when there is one-to-one instruction. In a conventional classroom with a minimum of 30 students, the knowledge reception depends on the individual capability of the student.

Though the teacher gives individual attention and instruction is the same, the receiving capacity of the students defer. It is impractical to have a teacher for a student in lecture halls, though we have it in practical classes or the laboratories. In practical classes, there will be 6 – 12 students, and at the maximum, it may reach 15 students with 3+ hours of the learning period.

In a conventional classroom, the level of personalized achievement may be confined to 20% of the students, and the remaining fall under average or below normal category in that period.

The reason could be attributed to the grasping ability of the student or the attempt to match the frequency with the teachings in real time. However, it is proved, when the students dedicate extra time after school hours by rereading or practicing, the achievement increased.

What if, there comes a time, where personalized engagement and achievement reach its maximum in that hour when you are involved in learning?

It’s predicted possible with Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence help as a useful tool for teachers to make personalized learning possible at scale. The strength of AI can be explored to close the learning gaps.

AI helps to personalize the learning experience for each student. It collects the data, gathers and presents the learning behavior, the learning curve of each student, and emphasizes the topics or understanding where the students need help.

AI helps to share feedback with teachers and students at the same time. It enables the students to acquire performance-based tests.

Thus, the teachers can extend their help whenever the students need additional support. Let us understand about personalized learning and how AI helps for it.

Personalized Learning:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation defines as “ Personalized learning seeks to accelerate student learning by tailoring the instructional environment—what, when, how and where students learn—to address the individual needs, skills and interests of each student. Students can take ownership of their learning, while also developing deep, personal connections with each other, their teachers and other adults.”

Benefits of Personalized Learning:

Some of the benefits of personalized learning include:

Individualized learnings: Help to understand the unique strength, interests, and needs of a student.

Student-centered: Help to accommodate the needs or interests of the learner and also the pace of learning.

Student ownership: Help to support the learners to take up ownership, know the drawbacks and implement adequate efforts to excel.

Learner profiles: Help to understand the learner profile in course of time, to help select the stream course in which one can excel.

Understand competencies: Help to know the individual competencies in subjects and encourage to develop mastery over the subject.

Flexible Learning Environment: Help the students to deliver flexibility in learning like visual, auditory, and so forth to enhance learning ability.

Collaborative learning: Help the students for group studies. Make a group of students who have the same interests for natural interaction.

In brief, the students are the center of the learning environment. The teacher and student work together for achieving the learning goals. And, here AI plays the critical role.

Let us understand how Artificial Intelligence helps teachers in personalized learning.

Artificial Intelligence Help Teachers in Personalized Learning:

Artificial Intelligence delivers students’ assessments in real time. So, AI can be used in addition to the ongoing assessments and learning management system.

AI explores further the assessments to create a learning path that is individualized for a student.

Accordingly, the teacher can assign the topics appropriate for the students to achieve mastery. In a big class full of students, the task is made easy with the help of the AI tool.

As a result, the students’ learning paths diverge within the classroom. The teacher may focus on the individual or small groups on a particular topic where the students need attention.

In brief, the AI tool helps the teachers to assess the intelligence of the student concerning a topic, develop a learning style for the student. Likewise, differentiated learning is introduced in the class with differentiated instructions.

Further, as per the progress, the teacher can make individualized learning plans, design individualized instruction methodology and help the student. That is learning is made self-paced, and advances or opt for remediation as per the progress.

Moreover, the AI tool helps the teachers to grade the test papers, calculate attendance percentage of the students, and other repetitive tasks.


Artificial Intelligence helps the teacher to be a facilitator. It helps the teacher to fasten the evaluation process, lessen the burden of repetitive tasks, bring novelty and technology to learning.

It helps the students to make learning more effective through personalized learning.

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