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We all have heard of artificial intelligence I believe. In the past, this was just like a science fiction dream that has literally turned out to be part of our daily lives. Now we see artificial intelligence or AI everywhere around us in gadgets, machines, computers, and smartphones. AI is influencing our lives in every way possible. We certainly draw a number of advantages from it but is there a limit to it? Is it really desired or un-called for? Is it somehow influencing our secrecies as well? Here in this read, we are going to analyze how in the last whole decade, the advent of AI has impacted our lives.

Influence of AI in our daily lives.

We have become use to interacting with virtual human beings like Siri and Alexa. They are our smartphone pals and they help us every step forward in using our complex smartphones and tend to make things easier for us. We also witness cars like Tesla roaming around us that are so much smart programmed that they at their own assess and analyze their so that they could dive safer and better, a lot better than the living human beings. Search engines especially Google itself monitors our browsing and searching histories and then it tends to recommend us the searches that AI predicts we would love to make. The AI is all here and showing its presence pretty loud and clear. Since it has been unleashed, now it is not going to take much longer to get involved in each and every aspect of our daily lives. And I believe just within a couple of years we would be looking back at this time now and would feel how primitive and outdated that was. For the time being this, all seems so fascinating. We feel things are getting better and easier for us. But the question arises, do we really want this to happen? Are we ready to offer so much interference to devices into our lives? For more posts like this, you can visit

In the past, we have read about the industrial revolution where machines were invented in Great Britain and we read millions and millions of people went jobless. I guess the same kind of situation is emerging again. Any job that involves the collection of information and putting it into a certain database is like to go obsolete. Just imagine which jobs fall under this kind and which exact lot is probably going to get jobless right in the near future? Cashiers, telemarketers, bank tellers, and many such job holders seem on the verge of joblessness to me right now. Cars like Tesla are smartly programmed, and in the near future, we may witness that car that simply needs no drivers at all. So, this would also challenge the jobs that involve conveyors as we are already seeing automatic drones roaming around us. This would endanger the job security of delivery men, truck drivers, postal workers, and many such portfolios.

With the advancement in AI logarithms, the factories are also becoming much more inclined towards this technology as with the massive advancements this has been revealed that AI can not just replace human beings but has even more potential to work a lot better than the human beings. The AI-driven robots would literally be deemed as superhuman beings. The more we study and develop the AI, the more we become aware of the fact that this demands responsibility more than ever before. None of us can predict in absolute terms that what exactly is going to happen, all we can say right now is that aI has stretched and advanced to that certain level where this may revolutionize our lives for good and even for worst as well. It holds the potential. It holds the power to turn into a blessing or even a menace for the entire human race.

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