Will article marketing help you make money online? Yes. Using nothing more than article marketing, I've created more than 1000 leads over the last 60 days online. I'm new to online marketing, too. In fact, I've only been marketing my business online for 60 days. Sometimes I see people online who are frustrated with article marketing, and I think that it's because they don't understand the basic mechanics of search engine placements. So what I'm going to do in this article is simply share some ideas that have helped me generate more than 35,000 visitors to my website in the last 2 months from article marketing.

First, you want to keep your articles relevant to the reader. You may be wondering what I mean. Well, you want to provide valuable, useful information to people that specifically can help them solve their problems. Sometimes you see an article that says it's about one thing, but the information isn't helpful at all. That's a BAD idea if you want to build a stable, long term business. You want to speak directly to the core issues of your readers as much as possible. You'll rank better in the search engines from creating useful information than anything else you could do.

The next thing you want to do is make sure that your author information resource is related to the body of your article. Simply put, you want to have an author resource box that solves the exact problem that created your article in the first place. It's important that your resource box is viewed with continuity with your core article message. Does that help? Simply make your marketing message as focused on the issue as you can.

Third, if you want an article to stay ranked in the search engines you need A LOT of backlinks. Over time, you'll need more and more links coming in to your page to rank well for the same terms. It's wrong to assume that an article will rank high just because it is original and useful. You want to at a minimum use OnlyWire to create social bookmarkers to all of your articles the moment after they are published. That simple little trick will immediately boost your traffic and it only takes 2 minutes to complete.

The last idea I have for you is that you need to create A LOT of original content. Most people online simply don't write enough articles to make any significant difference long term for their websites. How many articles should you write? As many as you have time to complete. I only write one article per day, but I make sure that EVERY day I create one new piece of relevant, useful information and I create as much useful information from it as I possibly can.

My last idea is that you need to be positive about your website's future. Once I mastered article marketing, making money on the internet was one of the easiest things I ever did. Keep your eyes peeled for more useful concepts! (After all, I do write one new article per day.)

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