This article is for those people who are now using article marketing in promoting their products and website in the World Wide Web. In here, I’ll offer you with the basic steps that you need to take in order to create award-winning articles. These are the following:

Know your audience. Before you start tapping on your keyboard, I suggest that you gain deeper understanding about the people that you’re writing for. It’s not enough that you know their gender and their preferences. In order to create articles that they’ll appreciate, you also need to know their specific needs and demands. What are the topics that they find interesting? What kind of information do they find useful? The more you know about them, the better your chances of making your articles very focused and targeted.

Start with a compelling introduction. In order to hook your readers, I suggest that you kick-start your articles on a high note. Start by writing a very compelling, very interesting introduction. Give these people the gist of your content without spilling out the juiciest details. Or ask them questions and promise to offer them the best answers on your article body.

Make your articles informative. Offer as much information as possible each time you write an article. Strive to address the learning needs of your target audience so you can easily impress them. Don’t hesitate to tell them some of your secrets and personal techniques especially if that would mean helping them reach their goals or improve the quality of their lives. The more in-depth information you share, the easier it will get for you to convince them that you’re really an expert in your chosen niche.

Make your articles scannable. Online users usually get discouraged when they see articles that contain little or no white blank spaces. So, do them a favor by breaking down your articles into several short paragraphs. What I recommend is that you list down 5 ideas related to your chosen topic and discuss each using paragraph that contains no more than 5-6 sentences. If possible, use number list and subheads as well.

Do not advertise on your articles. This is something that you must not do especially if you’re distributing your articles to directories. You see, one of the most common reasons why publishers reject articles is because of sales pitches and blatant ads on article body. Here’s the truth; you’ll have better chances of getting people to buy from you if you educate them first before you talk about the products and services that you sell.

Write more articles. Reach out to as many potential buyers as possible and enjoy stronger online presence by multiplying the number of your articles. Then, distribute them to all reputable blogs, ezines, and article marketing sites. This will help in promoting awareness about your business and will help in earning lots of inbound links for your website.

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Sean Mize is an article marketing expert and coach. Here's one of his best
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