The first step that you need to take when writing an article is figuring out the best topics to explore. Sometimes, this can be daunting even for seasoned article marketers who usually run out of topics to discuss. If you’re on the same boat, let me share with you some tips on how you can gather amazing topics to write about.
1. Keyword research. I usually start the process of writing my articles by doing keyword research. It is through this that I get a list of words and terms that my target audience are searching for. Do the same to save time. List down these terms and phrases and think of amazing topics around them. As much as possible, do tips list or how to guides are they are more attention grabbing compare to other types of articles.
2. Subscribe to relevant RSS feeds. Know the latest issues related to your niche by simply subscribing to RSS feeds. Everyday, you’ll get feeds on subjects related to your chosen field. Obviously, this will make it much easier for you to figure out the best topics to write. Not only that, this will also allow you to explore latest issues that are usually being looked for by your potential clients.
3. Forums and blogs. Identify the blogs and forums that are frequented by your potential buyers. Scan through the thread and list down the things that they usually talk about. These could be their pressing issues, their most common questions, their goals in life, and their areas of interest. List down those that are closely related to what you sell and write about them.
4. Be observant. I would recommend that you keep a pen and paper handy wherever you go. That way, you can easily jot down great ideas as they pop out on your mind. Also, be observant. Sometimes, you’ll be able to formulate great ideas by just observing people and other things around you.
5. Conduct polls. Get the opinion of those people who are visiting your blog or website. Ask them to join your polls or ask them to send you their topic ideas. In order to maximize the number of participants, I would recommend that you offer them something for free. These people will surely exert some effort if you send short ebooks or special newsletters. Write those topics that are requested by a lot of people.
6. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Sometimes, the best way to determine the topics that will interest your target market is putting yourself into their shoes. Ask yourself, if you’re one of these people what kind of information would you like to know about? What kind of information would you find useful to your life or career?
7. Visit article directories. Go to page where publishers list down the most read articles related to you niche to get an idea.

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