So, you just finished creating and uploading some nice content on your blog. Now, you’re wondering the next step that you’re going to take. Well, the best next thing that you need to do is to promote your website in the online arena to promote awareness and later on, attract as much traffic as possible. And there’s no better way to do that than writing articles.

Writing articles will allow you to share your in-depth knowledge to your readers and that’s exactly what these people are looking for each time they go online. Based on research, these people are relying on the world wide web whenever they’re trying to learn some things, when they’re looking for solutions to their problems, when their looking for tips list and how to guides, and when they want to get answers to their burning questions. Give them what they want and you can surely capture their attention. That’s exactly what you need to send them to your blog.

Below is a quick step-by-step guide to article writing. Use this so you can get started in promoting your blog.

1. Identify and know your target audience really well. Don’t get started unless you have a clear idea about the people that you’re writing for. Know their profile and know exactly what they want. It’s important that you pick your topics and write your articles based on their profile and demands. Giving them what they want is the best thing that you can do to capture their attention.

2. Offer in-depth information. Be willing to share a piece of your expertise each time you write an article. Remember, you’ll be judged based on the content and quality of the articles that you post under your name so you better make sure that they’re very informative and of high quality.

3. Keep them short and simple. Writing lengthy, complicated articles will not help you impress online users who are known to have a very short attention span. If you don’t want them to close your articles even before they start reading what you’ve written, ensure that your articles are no longer than 600 words, that they’re very easy to understand, and that they’re easy to skim through.

4. Set them apart from the rest. One thing that you can do to shake the competition is to ensure that your articles are far better compare to theirs. Make them more informative, more useful, and more pleasurable to read. Filling them up with expert advice and exclusive information will surely help.

5. Distribute your articles. Get your articles to help you drive lots of traffic to your website by simply publishing them on all top article marketing sites. By doing this, your articles will definitely have better chances of getting found in the online arena. You can then expect your target audience to open and read your articles and you’ll have the chance to send them to your blog with the help of your resource box.

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Sean Mize is an article marketing expert and coach. To read more of Sean's articles click here: Article Marketing Tips.