Every internet marketer who’s doing article marketing has one common goal; to increase the amount of traffic that they generate for their website. These people know that the more people they attract, the bigger their chances of securing more sales.

Here are very effective tips that to boost the number of your page views:

Deliver high quality articles all the time. Online users are sick and tired of those articles that do not make any sense. So, offer them something that is worth their while. Ensure that all the articles you publish are of high quality. They must not only be informative and well-written, they must also be content-rich and entertaining to read. These types of articles are the ones that people would love to recommend to their friends and loved ones.

Write more articles. Strive to produce more articles compare to your competitors so you’ll get more inbound links and so you’ll get more exposure for your website. I suggest that you make more time and produce articles that are very short (around 300-500 words). It will also help if you hone your skills (research, SEO, proofreading, and writing skills). You’ll easily be able to write high quality articles in 15 minutes or less if you’re very confident in what you’re doing.

Share expert information. Be willing to share a slice of your expertise when writing your articles. Online users simply love reading those copies that contain information that they would want to know about. I suggest that you give them useful tips and techniques and help them solve their pressing issues. Through this, you’ll be able to impress your readers while you establish your authority in your niche.

Use as many article marketing sites as possible. Although it may take a lot of your time, I suggest that you use as many article directories as possible when publishing your articles. Prioritize those that have great page ranking and those that are constantly visited by a lot of online users on a daily basis. These include ezinearticles, goarticles, buzzle, articlealley, and articledirectory. Then, submit your articles to relevant blogs and forums as well. Ensure that all the sites you use will allow you to build inbound links for your website.

Outsource. Writing and distributing a lot of articles to directories and blogs on a daily basis can be really overwhelming and oftentimes, mentally and physically exhausting. To ensure that you’ll be consistent in doing the process, I suggest that you hire some people to help you out. You can easily find individuals and group of people who are offering article marketing services in the online arena. To get great results, sign up with those who have proven track record and those who have in-depth understanding about your chosen niche. Although this would mean paying them for their services, you can be assured that it’s worth it.

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