One of things that you need to think about when doing article marketing is outplaying your competitors. It’s very important to ensure that your campaign is much powerful and more aggressive so you’ll get more attention in the online arena. Here’s how you can make that happen:

1. First step is to find ways on how you can increase the number of the articles that you write on a daily basis. I’ll tell you now that 1-3 articles will not be enough if you intend to get ahead of the pack. 5-10 articles would be much better. How in the green earth of God can you make that happen? Well, the key here is discipline and determination. Find the best time to write your articles and stick to that schedule no matter what happens. Create a nice working environment that will allow you to be more creative. Avoid distractions and be willing to make sacrifices once in a while. Sometimes, this may mean sleeping later than the usual or waking an hour or two earlier.

2. Secure better page ranking for your articles. One of the best things that you can do to outplay your competitors is to ensure that your articles will show up on top of relevant listings. Obviously, this will give your articles more exposure. How to do that? By knowing how to properly optimize them. There are several SEO article writing techniques that you can make use of and you can learn more about them by reading online resources that contain more in-depth information.

3. Use compelling headlines. Online users might not check out your articles (even if they’re showing on search page results) if your titles are too dry or too boring. Don’t let this happen. Master the art of writing thought-provoking titles. Identify the words and the techniques that you can use in order to pique the curiosity of your readers when writing your titles. It may be difficult at first but it’s worth it. This is the key to improved open rate.

4. Quality is important. Keep in mind that your main goal is to get your readers to click through your resource box. I’ll tell you now that this will not happen unless they’re impressed with you and with your articles. How to make them happy? The answer is simple; make your articles very informative and ensure that they’re well-written. They must be very organized, easy to understand, and very pleasurable to read. Your readers must have an impression that they’re well thought-out.

5. Be consistent. Get on top of the game by simply doing the whole process day after day after day. I can understand if you tell me that there are days that you might not be available. This is the reason why I suggest that you find reliable freelance article marketers that you can hire on a per need basis. Ensure that they have the needed skills and knowledge to create the kind of articles that you need.

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