Every day, I get emails from both new and old article marketers asking me what they can do to boost their article marketing campaign. Most of the time, I’d advice these people to keep on producing high quality articles. I tell them that the more articles they publish, the better for their business and website. Here are some of the tips that I gave to them in increasing their output. I am pretty sure that you’ll also find them useful:
1. Obtain interesting topic ideas. Start the process by getting as many interesting topic ideas as possible. I suggest that you pay relevant forums a visit to know the things that your prospects are talking about for the last couple of days to get an idea. It will also help if you do keyword research and if you check out RSS feeds related to your niche. As much as possible, stick with topics that were not yet discussed before and those that are controversial.
2. Keep it short. Make that conscious decision to limit the scope of your content even before you start writing your articles. This is to keep them as short as possible. Always target specific topics that you can easily explain using 300 500 words. By doing this, you will not have a hard time producing at least 3 articles every single day.
3. Improve your research and keyboarding skills. You’ll be able to save a lot of time if you know the best resources to use when doing your research. In addition, you’ll be able to finish writing your short articles in half the time if you can type at least 80 words per minute with at least 95% accuracy rate. So, improve your skills through constant practice and by getting somebody to mentor you.
4. Keep away from distractions. Find a place that is free from any type of distractions. It’s best if you write in a place where there is peace and quiet. What I do is that I write in my bedroom and I tell everybody in the house to not disturb me until I’m finished. You see, it can be difficult to focus again once your train of thoughts has been ruined.
5. Love what you’re doing. You’ll find it much easier to write a lot of articles everyday if you’re passionate about this endeavor. Don’t look at it as something that you must do instead find fulfillment in helping other people through information distribution. If you can make this happen, I have no doubt that you’ll be able to produce a lot of high quality articles without breaking a sweat.
6. Write in the morning. Avoid writing when you’re too tired as this will surely affect the quality of your articles. What I suggest is that you write right after breakfast when your mind is still fresh and your body is still energized.

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