I am sure you’re reading this article because you would like to succeed in the field of article marketing. You would want to generate more traffic, improved page ranking, and more leads, right? I am also certain that you want to build credibility in the online arena and you would want to be known as the best in your niche through your articles. Well, you can realize all your goals through these amazing secrets:

First, know your audience. It’s very important for you to make sure that your articles are impacting and targeted to the need and demands of your readers. This will only happen if you know these people and if you know exactly what they’re looking for. You would want to know the things that they consider very important in their lives, their problems, and their goals. You would also want to know their preferences and level of comprehension. It is through this that you can easily identify the best writing techniques to use in order to easily get through to them.

Research your topics. Get more people to open your articles by talking about topics that are really interesting and timely. Then, do your research and get as much information as possible. Read relevant websites, ebooks, and interview experts when needed. It’s important that you know all the angles of the topics that you’re discussing so you can effectively educate your readers.

Offer useful information. Make your readers happy by giving them information that they’ll find useful. Instead of giving them general information, offer them with guides on how to solve their problems or empower them to do amazing things on their own. For example, if you’re selling laptops, I would recommend that you write articles that contain tips on how your potential buyers can find the best laptop that will suit their needs or you can offer them with guides on how they can troubleshoot simple computer problems. These topics are more attention-grabbing compare to articles that contain general information (example; the history of laptops and computers).

Entertain your readers. Putting smile on the face of your readers is one skill that you need to learn. Based on experience, people who had a great time reading an article are the ones that click through the resource box. Entertain these people by simply using conversational tone, by telling them stories related to your topics, by sharing with them your relevant experiences, and by just being fun and witty all the way.

Use anchor texts. When inserting links on your resource box, I would recommend the use of anchor texts instead of absolute URLs. A lot of successful article marketers agree that these are more effective and more attractive. They can definitely help you improve your click through rate in no time at all and this will surely lead to more page views and increased sales.

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