Knowing how to send targeted traffic to your website is one of the basics of internet marketing. As the number of your sales depend on the amount of traffic you attract, it’s important that you get as many people as possible to pay you a visit. Carefully choosing the traffic-generating tools to use will definitely help. Personally, I recommend the use of article marketing as it’s proven very effective not only in sending lots of people to your website but also in establishing your authorities in your niche and in boosting your page ranking.
The good thing about article marketing is that it’s very easy, very straightforward process. You don’t need ultra special skills in order to get it work to your advantage. All you need to do is write and distribute articles online to capture the attention of your prospects by using information as bait.

Below are some steps to take in order to attract more targeted traffic through article marketing:

1. Do keyword research. Before you start writing your articles, know the most searched terms and phrases in your niche first. This will allow you to figure out the kind of topics and the specific information that your prospects are looking for each time they go online. Talking about the things that they find interesting and giving them the exact information that they need are the best things that you can do to easily capture their attention.

2. Quality is the most important element of article marketing. This is something that you need to keep in mind all the time. Remember, your readers will not possibly check out your website through your resource box if they’re not impressed with your articles. So, ensure that each copy you post under your name is simply spectacular. They must speak volumes about your expertise in your field, they must contain useful information, and they must be well-written.

3. Quantity is equally important. Writing lots of articles can really help you take your article marketing campaign to the next level. This will allow you to boost the number of your inbound links which is one pre-requisite to better page ranking. This will also allow you to promote easy recall among your target audience. This is the reason why successful article marketers always advice newbies to write at least 5 articles per day.

4. Use effective resource box. Ensure that your resource box is something that your readers would want to click. It must contain information about yourself, your business, and your products. It must also contain a compelling elevator pitch and a benefit-driven call to action. Don’t forget to insert the link of your website, blog, or squeeze page using anchor texts.

5. Be aggressive when marketing your articles. Get your articles published on all top directories and blogs related to your chosen niche. This is one thing that you can do to ensure that your articles will get as much attention as possible in the online arena.

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Sean Mize is an article marketing expert and coach. To read more of Sean's articles click hereArticle Marketing 101.