Are you trying to build your own list? Are you hoping you can attract as many people as possible to subscribe to your newsletters? Then, let article marketing be your best ally. Here’s how you can make that happen:

1. First, identify and gain an in depth understanding about your target audience. Who are they? Why would they want to read your articles? What topics do they find interesting? What are their preferences when reading online articles? What can pique their curiosity? What elements can make them read the articles until the end where the resource box is located? Getting to know your target audience is the wisest thing that you can do when doing article marketing and when you’re trying to boost your email marketing list. Having in depth knowledge about these people will help you make well informed decision when choosing the topics to explore and when choosing the elements to use when writing your copies. This is your greatest weapon in making your articles focused and very targeted.

2. Impress your readers. Here’s the truth; your readers will not sign up with your list unless they’re impressed and convinced that you’re really an expert in your niche. These people will only share their name and email address with people who can offer them with useful, valuable information. So, let them see how knowledgeable you are by simply making your articles content rich, useful, and very educational. Offer in depth or solid information and if needed, share insider tips and trade secrets. The more useful information you share, the better your chances of getting these people to click through your resource box.

3. Keep it simple. You would want your audience to read your articles until the end, right? This will not happen if you give them a hard time understanding your points. Using highly technical terms or big words will not help you get these people to act on your favor. So, I suggest that you make it easier for them to get the message that you’re trying to get across by writing using lay man’s terms and short sentences.

4. Offer useful information. I know you would want your target audience to like you. This can easily be achieved by simply extending your helping hand. How? Well, start by having that willingness to share a slice of your expertise. Share what you know to help them solve their problems or to help them reach their goals. These people will not soon forget about you if you make a difference in their lives.

5. Drive your readers to your squeeze page. Internet marketers are right when they say that it’s a wise decision to send your traffic to your squeeze page first so you can easily get people to subscribe to your newsletters. To boost your sign up rate, I would recommend that you offer free downloadable freebies like ebooks and special newsletters.

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Sean Mize is an expert at using article marketing to drive highly targeted traffic to websites. He initially developed and mastered many of the advanced article marketing tactics that are currently being used by hundreds if not thousands of marketers today (he has personally taught several thousand clients his article marketing methods and techniques)

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