Building an email marketing list is non-negotiable when running an online business. As an eseller, you must understand the importance of having a way to contact your prospects otherwise, you surely will not be able to convert them to paying customers. What you can do is to send these people to your squeeze page and convince them to sign up by telling them that doing so will actually benefit them. The question here is, how can you send as much traffic to your squeeze page as possible? The answer is to attract your potential buyers through article marketing.

Article marketing is now one of the most used and most trusted internet marketing tools. It’s very effective because it gives online users what they came in the internet for – information. Based on personal experience, if you strive to address the learning needs of these people, you can definitely capture their attention and that’s the only thing you need to send them either to your website or to your squeeze page.

The good thing about article marketing is that the whole process is relatively easy especially if you have the needed skills (writing, research, proofreading, and SEO skills). All you need to do is to write as many informative articles and distribute them to all trusted article marketing sites. These sites will not only make your articles available in the online arena but will also allow you to make use of author or resource box where you can put the link that will take interested parties to your squeeze page.

One thing that you can do to maximize the number of your sign ups is to give your prospects valid reason to respond to your call to action. These people will not mind sharing their contact information with you if they’re convinced that you can offer them with useful information that they need. So, make each of your articles speak volumes about your expertise in your niche. This way, you can convince these people that you have all the answers to their questions and that you can help them solve their pressing issues.

Once you’re able to send your traffic to your squeeze page, the next thing that you need to do is to make sure that they will not leave without singing up. How to do that? Start by communicating the benefits that await them should they sign up. These people will be enticed if you tell them that they’ll get useful, free information every week. It will also help if you make the process of signing up easier and pretty straightforward. Avoid asking for too much information. Getting their first name and email address is enough. Another thing that you can do to convince people to sign up is to give them an assurance that you will not spam them and that you will not share their contact information with other people.

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Sean Mize is an article marketing expert and coach. To read more of Sean's articles click hereArticle Marketing Tips.