Are you struggling in attracting enormous traffic for your blog? Then, use the most effective traffic-generating tool today: article marketing. The following tips can surely help you in getting the most out of this endeavor:

Offer useful information. Always remind yourself that people who take the time to read articles online are looking for one specific thing: useful information. So, make sure that you offer them exactly that. Avoid talking about your products and services as I can guarantee you that your readers will not appreciate you for doing so. If you want to impress them, it’s best if you know their learning needs and if you address them to the best of your ability. If they’re happy with your articles, you’ll win half the battle of sending them to your blog.

Keep your articles short and simple. Writing web articles is very much different from writing for traditional publication. People online usually don’t have the time or the patience to read lengthy articles. So, learn how to communicate your ideas using as few words as possible. It will really help if you make your articles relatively short and very tight. Also, make them easy to understand by using short sentences and simple terms as much as possible. Don’t forget to breakdown your articles into short paragraphs to make them easy to skim through.

Use benefit-driven titles. You’ll most likely to convince online users to open and read your articles if you tell them ahead of time what’s in store for them. If you’re confident that you can help them solve their problems or help them reach their goals, make sure to tell them that.

Submit your articles to ezinearticles (EZA). Before you submit your articles to other directories, I suggest that you submit them to EZA first. Right now, this is considered the most powerful article marketing site. If you can get your articles published on this site, you will not have any problem getting them published on other directories.

Rewrite your articles and submit them to other article marketing sites. Next step is to rewrite your articles to make them at least 40% unique. Submit them to all directories that have top rankings and those that are constantly visited by your target audience. The more directories you use, the more inbound links you’ll be able to create for your website.

Post your articles on your website and blog. Don’t hesitate to use your articles on your own website as this will help in building credibility and expertise in your niche. This will also help in pulling up your page ranking especially if your articles are properly optimized.

Write more articles. Commit to producing more articles every single day. This is not only to offer your readers with more information but also to improve your site’s exposure and your online presence.

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Sean Mize is an article marketing expert and coach. Here's one of his best article written: Article Writing Tips .