Having genuine concern for your readers and having exceptional writing skills are not enough to get maximum results from your article marketing campaign. It’s very important that you’re very aggressive in taking each necessary step and that you care to do the whole process right. Here’s what I mean:
1. Be very aggressive in learning new techniques. There shouldn’t be any point when you’ll say that you know enough about article marketing. Everyday, experts are learning new things that could help make your campaign more effective and more impacting. I suggest that you start your day knowing what’s new in this endeavor. There are several forums and blogs where expert article marketers are exchanging great ideas. Take advantage of these. Also, make time for those seminars designed for advanced article marketers to continuously increase your knowledge in this field.

2. Be very aggressive in multiplying the number of your articles. Don’t get tired in writing your articles. Although there’s no doubt that it’s really time-consuming and very exhausting, it’s one of the best things that you can ever do to easily get noticed in the online arena. This will help you send a strong message to your target audience that you have lots of valuable information to share. This will also help in multiplying the number of your inbound links which you desperately need in improving your page ranking. I suggest that you extend your writing hours. Find another 1-2 hours everyday that you can spend tapping on your keyboard. Also, consciously create a great working environment that will help you become more creative and more motivated.

3. Be very aggressive in distributing your articles. Make use of all the available websites when promoting your articles in the online arena. Start with the most trusted article marketing directories like ezinearticles, buzzle, articledirectory, and goarticles. Then, move to blogs and forums. After that, you can continue marketing your articles to FaceBook, Twitter, and other social networking sites that are constantly visited by your prospects. Once you’ve written lots of articles, compile them together and create comprehensive ebooks that you can send to interested parties. Convert these ebooks to viral marketing tools by simply telling your recipients to forward them to all the people they know. Through this, you’ll surely be able to reach out to a lot of prospects that will result to more leads and sales.

4. Be very aggressive in tracking down your progress. Not knowing how effective is your article marketing campaign is a bad idea. You need to know if you’re on track. Using tools available in the online arena, know how online users react to your articles. Do these people open and read your articles until the end? Do they take the time to click the links on your resource box to give your site a visit? It is through this that you can figure out your strengths and weaknesses so you’ll know where to focus your energy on to get the kind of results that you want.

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Sean Mize is an article marketing expert and coach. To read more of Sean's articles click hereSEO Writing.