Below are some article marketing tips to use if you’re dead serious about shaking off the competition.

1. Use catchy titles. Although learning the tricks in creating compelling, attention-grabbing titles isn’t something that you will call a piece of cake, it’s something that can help in making your article marketing campaign ultra effective. This is your ticket to improved open rate. So, learn how to write titles that are thought-provoking, benefit-driven, and very descriptive. Remember, your target audience will not hesitate to open your articles if they know ahead of time what kind of information that they’re going to get and if they’re convinced that they’ll benefit from doing so.

2. Perfect the process of SEO writing. Invest as much time as needed in mastering the ropes of SEO article writing. It’s very important that you know how to secure better page ranking for each of your articles so they’ll easily be found by your target audience. You need to know how to do keyword research and how to identify the most profitable keywords to target. You also need to know how to effectively apply latent semantic indexing technique and how to follow the acceptable keyword density.

3. Commit yourself to giving your target audience nothing but the best articles. If using catchy titles is your ticket to impressive open rate, offering your readers with high quality, very useful articles is your ticket to amazing clickthrough rate. Your readers will only clickthrough your resource box if they think that visiting your website will mean getting more useful information. So, give them a sneak peak as to what awaits them. Make your articles ultra impressive.

4. Write more articles. You shouldn’t get content with the number of articles that you’ve published in the online arena no matter how many they are. You need to consistently write on a regular basis to boost the number of your inbound links, to secure even better stronger online presence, and to attract more traffic that can of course lead to more sales leads.

5. Ask for feedback. Don’t rely on your judgment all the time. It’s beneficial to look at your articles and your whole campaign through the eyes of other people. Ask for feedback from your colleagues, friends, and most especially from your readers. Know the things that they like about your articles and those things that they wish you could improve on. Remember, your main goal here is to impress your readers so listen to what they have to say.

6. Make your articles reader-friendly. Did you know that your articles will still be ignored even if they’re loaded with useful information if they’re not reader-friendly? Avoid that from happening by writing them using conversational tone and simple terms. Make use of short paragraphs and sub headings as much as possible. Making your articles pretty straightforward and to the point will also help.

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Sean Mize is an article marketing expert and coach. To read more of Sean's articles click here: Seo Article Submission.