There are many types of arthritis. The three basic types of arthritis are osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, and the most commonly one rheumatoid arthritis. Any type of arthritis can affect our body in a different way. The difficulty here is: When it comes to treating any discomfort, or pain the results can vary; not every one's body will respond the same way or any treatment.

What causes the pain?

Knee or sometime hip pain is usually caused by any of the three types of arthritis. Also, gout is a distributor to pain. There are other causes of knee pain, such as injury, overuse in a workplace, obesity and the wrong diet. In young people and children chronic knee pain can have the first sign of rheumatoid arthritis or simply "growing pains".

Gout is another main reason for knee pain. Gout is a condition that causes sudden and severe attacks of pain, redness and swelling of joints. There have been some reports saying too much exercise can cause knee pain or joint pain. On the contrary, exercise is a great benefit.

Gout - where does it come from?

Gout is a condition that has been known for many centuries. It affects mostly a single joint in one episode, often the big toe or a finger. About 9 out of 10 affected by gout are men over the age of 40. The highest age of attack is 75 years; it can occur in young ones on rare occasions as well. Gout is due to accumulations of uric acid within the fluid of your joints. Uric acid is actually a waste product of many foods that we eat.

In order to properly digest food and rid our body of waste, we produce substances such as uric acid. However, when transportation of uric acid accumulates in the blood stream, pain and gout may result. When the uric acid level becomes too high, painful attacks of gouty arthritis joint pain will occur. There are other symptoms that include kidney stones, and ultimately can cause kidney failure.

Uric acid and gout!

Tests have revealed that the relationship between uric acid levels in the blood stream and gout is unclear. Some people with gout have normal or near normal blood levels of uric acid; other people have very high blood levels of uric acid with no symptoms of gout.

Other risk factors that can bring on a gout attack are obesity, sudden weight gain, excessive intake of alcohol, and abnormal kidney function. Also, some medications include risk factors, such as thiazide diuretics to control blood pressure etc. Another risk factor is such foods as organ meats, liver, kidney, herring, anchovies, and to an extent most processed meat products. Sodas and soft drinks or any sweet drinks be best avoided as well.

A detoxifying program would help to remove harmful poisonous substances from your body to ease the pain and gout symptoms. This brings us back to the point that every one's body reacts different to any type of disease and healing.

Some of the super foods!

Check your overall food consumption because a healthy eating plan is important for arthritis inflammation and pain. Include some of these super-foods in your daily diet such as broccoli, berries, spinach, pineapple, onions, squash, olive oil and fish, just to mention a few. Increase your omega-3 acid's; those healing omega-3 fight joint inflammation that is responsible for any aching sensation in your knees, hips, hands and sometimes spine.

Natural foods as such have the best healing power without any side effects, far greater than any script medicine. Include a good quality natural liquid supplement to all that super food and you will feel the benefit.

As the pain becomes less, the joints more flexible and easy to move, you are on the way to a better, pain-free, and relaxing life.

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