Arteries are the system of oxygen-rich blood vessels that travel from the heart to the whole body capillaries to supply oxygen to organs and vital organs. Hence, they play an important role in maintaining our survival. However, in the present day, the arteriopathy is more and more popular it impacts dangerously on the lives of people. This is one of the significant reasons leading to clog and restrain blood flow. There are some arteriopathies that people often catch: coronary artery disease, heart attack, peripheral artery disease, carotid artery disease and cerebrovascular accident. Thus, to protect arteries from unclogging, you should change the diet and eat numerous whole healthy foods for health.
In this following, there are some natural foods that help your arteries stay clear:

1. Garlic
To keep your arteries healthy, garlic is one of the best choice; it has many good benefits. As regarding cleaning arteries, many researchers showed that if you intake garlic every day, you can avert hardening of the aorta. It helps to reduce cholesterol to enhance the health of arteries. However, cooking destroys the benefits of garlic. Hence, you should eat from one to four cloves of raw garlic every day to get the best benefit.

2. Avocados
Another way to decrease the level of cholesterol is avocados. According to a study carried out by researchers in Mexico in 1996 found that eating avocados every day for a week would go down significantly with 17% in total blood cholesterol. Moreover, avocados help the level of LDL (bad) drop and HDL (good) develop. Blood sugar spikes will decrease if eating avocados is a regular habit in your diet. In particular, avocados contain lots of vitamin E that avert cholesterol from oxidizing. So, add avocados as necessary food in your diet to stay your arteries clear.

3. Nuts
Nuts are the type of food that is high nutrient with vitamins, minerals, plant protein and functional nutrients like phytosterols and phenolic compounds. It reduces some risk diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Especially, nuts have unsaturated fats make bad cholesterol reduce remarkably in blood and go down the risk of heart attack. In addition, almonds and walnuts are the best nuts. They consist of healthy polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats developing your cholesterol levels.
With magnesium and high in omega 3 fats of almonds and walnuts respectively, they help to unwind your arteries.
Thus, if you want arteries healthy, you should eat nuts as much as possible.

4. Asparagus
Asparagus has numerous health benefits. It is a type of natural food for cleaning arteries and gets better blood flow. In pursuant with the opinion of Shane Ellison, asparagus works within the 100,000 miles of veins and arteries to reduce pressure, thereby allowing the body to accommodate for inflammation that has accumulated in many years." .it helps prevent deadly clots in your body. In addition, asparagus has a high folic acid decreasing hardening arteries. Concretely, asparagus is a type of food that is extremely easy to process and cook, so why you don’t add your menu.

5. Pomegranate
This fruit contains the level of the high nutrient. A pomegranate has 100 calories, 26 grams of carbohydrate, especially excellent sources of vitamin C, K and fiber, potassium, thiamin. With vitamin C and polyphenols of pomegranate can promote to produce nitric oxide in order to keep blood flow and open arteries.
According to one done research found that pomegranate is the effective way to decrease some heart diseases. In fact, there are ten patients providing pomegranate juice for a year; they reduce 30% in narrowing the carotid artery walls.
However, pomegranate juice may not be suitable for some certain medications; it is the best way for you to consult your doctor about drinking this juice to clean your arteries.

6. Olive oil
Olive oil is known as material to cook and make salad, however, olive oil also is an efficient way to clean your arteries. Since its composition contains a large proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A, B and phelyphenol that help to reduce the level of LDL and enhance the level of HDL. From to this, your arteries will be decreased plaque buildup. In accordance with a recent research, using olive oil can drop the risk of serious cardiovascular diseases up to 41%.
Actually, olive oil is versatile material. So you should add it your diet to take advantage of its benefits
Note: you should buy olive oil with high cost and high quality to have the benefits from of olive oil as much as possible. Besides, you should choose olive oil with 100% virgin olive oil.

7. Salmon
Salmon provides many unique advantages for your body. Eating salmon is regular, your heart and arteries will become healthy since it contains a large proportion of omega fish oils. It helps to increase the level of “good” HDL cholesterol, meanwhile reducing inflammation which is the main reason of unclogging the blood flow.
It is obvious that salmon is one of the best fishes for your health. So, you have any reason not to choose it for your menu.
Note: you must choose the salmon that is wild caught and not raised. You can bake and grill. However, make sure that you can’t fry it.

All the above-mentioned methods, hope that you can change your diet with whole foods to clean your arteries.

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