Reading Tarot cards is an art as well as science. It is a science because the reader has to make predictions with scientific precision and put forward the logic for interpreting a card in a given way. The reader is supposed to produce reliable results and as such, exactitude becomes imperative. Similarly, tarot reading is also an art form, which both demands and develops intuitive and psychic abilities. Becoming a successful tarot reader requires tremendous concentration and a keen interest in this amazing occult science. In case you want to know how to read tarot cards, read on.

Learn Tarot Reading

•Take a deck of tarot cards and wrap your cards using a piece of cloth. This is done to create a clean environment for the cards.

•Sleep with the wrapped cards for over a week, keeping them next to your heart or under your pillow. After a week, you are ready to read.

•Concentrate on the question that has been asked and shuffle the deck. Use both hands to mix the cards in a big pile. Then, gather them up neatly and shuffle the cards once, before beginning.

•Cut the deck. When you are reading tarot for others, ask the person to speak the question loudly and allow him/her to cut the deck. If you are reading the cards for yourself, ask your own question even as you cut the deck.

•You can use the card spread of your choice. A simple card spread is placing four cards in the shape of a diamond.

•First, look at the design of the cards. The ones that look right side up for the reader are believed to be in a positive position and the ones that look upside down for the reader are reversed. Conflict or blocked energy is indicated by reversed cards.

•Learn the meaning of the cards, so that you are able to make out what each of the card actually stands for.

•Once you understand the meanings of the card, try to interpret them in your own way, so as to give them a personalized meaning.
learning Tarot

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