One of my all-time favorite films in the last few years has been "Under the Tuscan Sun". If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. If you have seen that you might know the story I'm about to tell. The story is about a woman whose life falls apart, and how she begins to build her life back up in a way that's much more in line with her spirit. This is all set with the beautiful backdrop of Tuscany Italy. What's not to like about this film...?

In the film there are so many life lessons, law of attraction principles and how Angels, human or not guide us through our lives. I am not going to do a review of the film here, because obviously I do not have a subjective opinion. Just see the film.

What I want to illuminate here is one story in the film. The main character moves to Tuscany after a surprising and devastating divorce. When she gets to Italy there is an undercurrent of a need to have a man substantiate her existence. She In fact ends up meeting a man. This relationship never totally works out. And here comes the point I want to make for you. There is a character in the movie who is the wise sage woman. The main character comes to her house one day and sage woman says "what Are you so sad about? Why do you keep thinking about him?" The main character doesn't even really know what she's talking about. The sage woman tells a wonderful story about ladybugs and goes on to say "Go work on your house and forget about it!"

And she does. She takes her strong focus away from getting the man and having the man satisfy her fulfillment of herself. She works diligently on our home and forgets about it. I'm sure that you know what ends up happening. That man never comes back but, another one comes into her life which is completely unexpected. The lesson here is that she let go of her grip that something other than her own satisfaction of her life will fulfill her. Once she did that, she got what she wanted. It wasn't the form in which she thought it should be. In this case the man that she was so focused on, instead she got a better match for herself.

The reason that I tell you the story is to ask yourself what you are gripping on so tight that you want to attract into your life, but you're not giving it room to come in? I know that when I work with clients and for myself that when the grip is so tight on something we think that we want we feel that we have to give it all our attention and focus.

Now this might seem contradictory to some of the law of attraction principles of focusing continuously on what you want. But, hear me very clearly here when focusing on what we want is coming from a place of need, then it possibly will never happen or manifest in our lives. If what you want is a true vibrational match for your highest good and is aligned with your spirit and not your ego, then there is no need to continue focusing on it in an almost desperate way. Just be clear about what it is and feel good about it. Feeling good about it and going about your life, opens up the grip so that there is room for it to manifest in your life.

By the way, I've been telling this story over and over to clients and to people I know. I would repeat this lesson and say the line "Go work on the house and forget about it!" I have said it so many times over the last few months. In that same time I have been in a place of tightness around my business. I have been holding on with the grip very tight to make my business more successful.

Guess what? I have been vibrating "working on the house and forgetting about it" And because I was putting the vibration out there by saying it over and over, circumstances have worked themselves out that in the last month, I have had to be at my Dads house... I have had to "Work on the house and forget about it!" In my case my forgetting about my business. Guess what again??? My business is opening up and opportunities are presenting themselves that I never even planned!

So, today go work on the house and forget about it!

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Max Ryan is the creator and founder of a Coach, Trainer and Teacher based in New York City. He serves as a guide and teacher for those who are seeking peace, passion and purpose in their lives. Max’s pragmatic, non-traditional approach to coaching and spirituality supports his clients as they uncover their authentic selves and reach the next level in their professional, personal and spiritual lives. The focus of Max's work is to help people attract more positive results in all areas of their lives. Clients work with Max through one-on-one coaching, group workshops and online workshops. Max is also a contributing writer for many online websites and the host of his radio show, “The Magic of Life” on Blog Talk Radio. Get 5 FREE Videos to help you with Law of Attraction