Gelling as a cohesive work team is not merely about maintaining a civil and professional approach to colleagues - it is much more. Clashing personalities can make waves in an office but ultimately respect is the critical to the smooth workings of an office environment.

This is why it is vital to incorporate team-building activities into your company calendar with the aim of allowing them to be a team where mutual growth and support to happen. Creating a harmonious staff environment is the key to a good office environment.

Therefore has come up with lots of ways you can bring your team together and if you give them a go for yourselves you will see how maybe your Soho company will experience a growth in success thanks to stronger team bonds.

1) When you're bringing staff together for a task - they must be told why they are there. If you don't tell your staff why they need to participate in team building they may think you are conducting some sort of staff assessment or even restructuring. So make it clear that you have good reasons for drawing them together in order to improve the dynamic in the office. In clarifying the objectives of the team building exercises, it gives the employees a chance to loosen up enough to start bonding with other members of your team.

2) Team building is all about relaxing and enjoying different activities to work with colleagues. Managers don't want their office employees to be scared of getting involved or be concerned about impressing you or out-performing other colleagues. Make sure you reassure staff that they aren't being assessed and that it is just for fun. If you should have any colleagues not having a good time or feeling uncomfortable with the activities chat to them about their concerns and reassure them that it is okay to be nervous.

3) Encourage all of your staff to get involved and get everyone to take part. Don't just assume that the louder members of the office will love team building it is for the whole team, so don't let the quieter ones get lost in the crowd. Make sure you choose activities that don't just have the loud ones volunteering. Everyone must feel valued and get involved otherwise the purpose of the day will not be fulfilled.

4) Ask an expert in team building activities to help. Various Soho companies have made it their business to organise team boosting activity days, so it will take the pressure off you if you let them take control so you can concentrate on bringing your team together. It is important for managers to set an example by participating in tasks too remember that by taking part you are encouraging other to do so too and you want to show your staff that you are approachable and keen to get involved. Actually, quite a few of the clients taking Soho office space from make use of Soho-based team building businesses.

5) Have a reflection session at the end of the day. When you have wrapped up the day, gather your colleagues in a circle have them go through some of the highlights of the day. What did they see as the most effective part of the day? Who did your colleagues get to talk to during the day? Did they learn anything about themselves over the course of the day? Have they acquired any new friendships or working dynamics as a result? Do they have any tips for how the day could be improved?

So if your team could do with a day to bring them all together then consider what a team building day could do for your Soho-based staff.

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