The monotonous corporate environment, those work desks, laptops, and those corporate meetings can all cause boredom over a period of your time. Your employees too have the proper to exit of these glass complexes, breathe some fresh soothing mountain air, and rejuvenate themselves at a spot like Jaladhama .
As one of the most effective Resorts in Bangalore for corporate day outing, Jaladhama resort offers a variety of corporate party halls, conference rooms, etc. to make sure that your outing turns out to be exciting and successful. So, here’s a blog that talks about the most amazing corporate party halls in Karnataka.
Where is Jaladhama? And, what's it?
Jaladhama, one among the best resort in mysore , is a name, or one may say, an idea born out of the requirement of gifting the aroused citizens of mysore and nearby vicinities a place to relax, recreate and have an excellent time with friends and family. The resort, just next to mysore’s growing technology hub, may be a place that mixes the goodness and peace of living at a resort, and also the affluence of staying at one among the most effective -designed and exotic places near mysore.
Jaladhama offers everything right from food to liquor and from adventurous activities to multiple stay options and company party places in mysore. It's a comprehensive place for everybody who’s looking to throw an elite corporate or private party, or looking forward to staying amidst mountain weather and enjoying the glittery skyline of a part of mysore city. So, Jaladhama isn’t just an idea , or a name, but transcends to a revolution within the resort business.
Which does Jaladhama offer for Corporate Party Halls in mysore ?
When it involves corporate event planning or corporate party places in Karnataka, Jaladhama World ensures that it doesn’t leave any stone unturned. It offers a multitude of options to make sure that the company party and meeting needs are met within the very best manner. Here’s an inventory of the company banquet halls in Karnataka that Jaladhama World offers.
And, guess what, World offers lawns for corporate parties as well!
The Kohinoor AC Banquet Hall – a really huge AC banquet hall accommodating a guest size of over 1200-1500 people.
The Pearl – An elite hilltop AC banquet hall with a capacity of 100-300 people.
The Alexandrite – Apt for corporate presentations, launches, get togethers, etc. The capacity o this hall is 100-300 people.
The Opal Conference Hall – A compact, but a good option for little meetings, AGMs, presentations. The guest capacity of this hall is 20-40 people.
The Peridote Non AC Hall – Announced and soon to be launched!
The Arena – A 1 lac square feet lawn, housing Asia’s largest manmade waterfall. The capacity of this lawn ranges from 3000 to 15,000 people!
The Laterite – An amphitheater, next to the pearl glass conference, apt for little functions. The capacity of Laterite is from 100 to 300 people.
Summary: Jaladhama, with its wide selection of corporate banquet halls in mysore, also proves to be one among the simplest corporate event management companies in Karnataka, offering sumptuous delicacies, a good range of liquor options, and in particular , events organized through a unit of professional hospitality and events staff.

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Jaladhama is one of the Resorts in bangalore for corporate day outing and it is also one of the best resort in mysore