We all know about the ancient thoughts related to the existence of the four classical elements in our lives. Mostly Hindu, Japanese and Greek people were the ones to have this ideas. The four elements are Water, Fire, Air and Earth. However, they also mentioned a fifth element as space or idea, but that is out of the question for the moment.

What do these elements have in common with aromatherapy fragrances for your home? Aromas make they way through air, so it is sort of an air-based system. Anyway, aromatherapy can easily involve any of these four elements, since every single aroma has its own associations. You know, it’s like in the ancient times, when people associated things, being their way to understanding life. Maybe we forgot associations, and do not have them anymore in our lives. Aromatherapy fragrances for your home can easily bring new associations to your home, thanks to every single aroma being associated to some of the four elements, and maybe even more.

No matter what perfume you use in your own aromatherapy, you use the element Air. You can add something special to your own aromatherapy fragrances for your home if you mix these classical elements, if you choose two of them, or for a perfect harmony, you will mostly choose all four.

Aromatherapy fragrances highly influence your state of how you feel, your mood and your nervous system. Different perfumes have different effects on people. For instance, jasmine is causes you to feel agile and alert.

Now, let’s see how elements are mostly used and mixed.


People often use Air only, without involving any of the other classical elements. This can be done in several different ways. You can choose to spray a scent in the air or you can use different mixtures and special oils created for this purpose. These mixtures and oils mostly need to be heated. Since they are heated, you will need to use candle. Some people argue about this method involving the element Fire. Practically, it’s up to you, you’re the one to decide whether it does involve Fire or not.

Air and Fire

When Air and Fire are both involved, it’s pretty logical that you will most likely use some perfumed candles or other aromatherapy products which first need fire to produce the scent. Of course, this perfume diffuses through Air, so Air is also involved.

Air and Earth

If you have a sachet, then you have Air and Earth too. A sachet is in fact a mix of herbs and flower petals, diffusing aromatherapy fragrances. These sachets may be used to perfume rooms or your clothes too. Since herbs and flowers are plants, related to the Earth, they bring the element Earth in your home with aromatherapy fragrances.

Air, Fire and Water

This is very similar to Air and Fire only. Mostly, you will have a candle heating a dish above that candle. In that dish, you add water and aromatherapy oils, so after water has been heated, your perfume diffuses through Air, creating a special atmosphere. These oils are very concentrated, so you need to use them with water.

Harmony: all of the classical elements together

You can choose to have a perfect harmony by bringing all of the four classical elements in your home with aromatherapy fragrances. If you need all four elements, you will use a so called potpourri. A potpourri is very simple as construction: you have a candle heating a dish above, but a deeper dish, then in the case of oils. You only need to add a herbal mix and water, so Earth, Water and Fire all work together, scenting your room with a very nice perfume, through Air.

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