Army Body Fat Calculator

How does this Army Body Fat Calculator work?
This is a weighting tool that can be used to estimate a person's fat value based on height, neck and waist, but also on age and sex.

It assesses body fat and determines whether you meet the criteria of the US Army Recruitment Standard, whether you meet the standards after joining the Army, or whether you meet the higher body fat levels required by the Department of Defense.

According to Army Regulation 40-501 - Medical Health Standards issued on August 4, 2011, the maximum percentage of body fat allowed after joining is different from after entry. This means that the requirements after assignment are more stringent:
The Department of Defense's body fat needs are 18% for men and 26% for women.

Please note that the maximum body fat value allowed after the introduction of the Army Regulation 600-9 from June 2013 is the same.

The algorithm behind the Army Body Fat Calculator is based on a formula for body fat percentage from the US Army Regulation - Army Regulation 600-9 issued in June 2013, which is gender specific:

■ Percentage of male body fat = [86,010 * Log10 (waist - neck)] - [70,041 * Log10 (size)] + 36.76

■ Percentage of female body fat = [163,205 * Log10 (waist + hip - neck)] - [97,684 * Log10 (size)] - 78,387

With regard to the suitability status displayed in the results area, this calculator uses an adapted version of the regulation that is publicly available:

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