I am prompted to write this piece as a sequel to Chipmunk’s article on the same subject.

My first question is a big WHY? Why should you argue at all? Any argument means, disagreement. Why should there be any disagreement between a husband and wife? Aren’t they ‘one flesh’ which means, of one mind? A single mind never has conflicting ideas! So, if a couple argue and argue like hell, it shows that they are of two minds, which is bad.

Yes, talk and talk about anything but there is no question of arguing over anything. It’s just not on.

May I share some personal experiences of mine? My wife and I never argued over any subject. I cannot recall any incident at all. What I said, she agreed and I agreed to what she said. There was never a question of having a different opinion. Our opinions were always alike.

We did have tiffs over some trivial thing. Say some thing like; she had paid too much for some silly article. The tiff over, everything was forgotten.

One day I happened to ask her, just for the heck of it, “Did we have some discussion on this point this morning, my love?”

Scratching her forehead she said, “Yes, I think we did have some discussion. Can’t remember a thing about it now, darling. Did we really have a discussion on any point for that matter!

That ought to give you an idea of how our debating mind worked.

Why don’t you follow the same technology? Never argue, never quarrel and never disagree. If you do all or any of these, then you are not ‘one flesh’ but two.

My wife passed away just a year back after a prolonged illness of all kinds of ailments after a married life of 57 years and 8 days at the age of 78. Quite a long innings by any standard. My only grouse against God was that He did not allow us to celebrate our Diamond jubilee.

Do note, 57 years of harmonious life without one blemish of dissension, violence, disagreements or fights. It was a smooth sail all the way.

Wouldn’t you like to equal it or break our record? Make an attempt from today. Be one flesh. All right?

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