Different people have different tastes in dog. There are several reasons for owning a dog; one would be for companionship. Some lonely people fill that “empty space” in their lives with a loving pooch acting as a house pet. Some would like to get one for the purpose of intimidating others – there exists some people “collecting loans” with the aid of a big tough-looking dog (I hope you're not one of them). A hunter would need a dog that's strong, agile, and with a good sense of smell and hearing. The police and the guys at the military would need one that's easy to train and to help out in taking down the bad guys or sniffing out drugs.

There are many breeds possessing one or some of these capabilities, but very few that have all of them. If you're anything similar to the character profiles stated above, like say a lonely policeman having eye problems with hunting as a hobby during the weekends, then you'd probably realize that the Argentine Dogo fits your lifestyle perfectly. The Argentine Dogo is a very versatile and talented pooch. It's built athletic and muscular – weighing up to 100 pounds and standing as high as 27.5 inches. A very big dog but is very much capable of carrying out any physical task given to it.

Hunting game was one of its original purposes; it's as if it was designed for that job. Tracking down prey with the aid of its great sense of smell wasn't a problem – give it a scent and it'll locate the trail and follow it to the end. Chasing after large prey or fast moving suckers was easy; it was extremely agile for its size and had loads of stamina which would keep it going for hours. Courage and loyalty are two very desirable attributes of the Argentine Dogo, and when put together and fine tuned, it can be transformed into a fantastic guard dog.

They are great for keeping watch over the house at night and dealing with intruders as necessary. These pets are very devoted to their owner and family, as well as its territory. It'll do everything needed to protect what belongs to it from harm, which includes the human owners. That characteristic, if not molded properly, can cause it to become overprotective and sometimes even aggressive. So at an early age, try to deal with its behavioral problems before it gets any worse. As stated earlier, they can also be used as a guide for the seeing-impaired people (blind folks). They are very easy to train and can fill the post of almost any position you intend for it.

It can even be used in obedience and agility competitions – that is if you know the proper dog training methods. Such great potential and an indomitable spirit will require an owner that is tough and has experience with raising and training dogs. This isn't for the novice and the spineless type. You've got to have the right skill set with experience as well as the “balls” if you want it to turn out fine.

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