Have you been struggling to finish your book? If you've been working on the project for what seems like forever, and made little or no progress, you might need to reconsider your motive for taking on the project in the first place.

So why are you writing your book? If you haven't asked yourself this question in a while, now's the time to do it. People write books for a variety of reasons, and in reality, as long as your reason keeps you writing, that's great. But when you can't seem to stay motivated, then maybe you're not interested because you're writing for the wrong reason. The following are some common reasons why you may be struggling to write your book.

Wrong Reason #1: You want to impress people-or a particular person.
Sure, people will be impressed by your book. But if that's the only reason you want to write it, you should reexamine your motives, especially if you're aiming for the approval of one particular person. People can be difficult to please, no matter what you do. What's important is that you write your book for you.

Wrong Reason #2: You want to make money fast and easy.
Yes, some authors are millionaires. But a lot of work and experience go into success like that-it doesn't happen overnight and it usually doesn't happen to beginners. So if you're writing a book to get rich quick, you're crazy. Writing a book-especially a bestseller-requires a big investment of time, effort, and oftentimes money.

Wrong Reason #3: You want to be famous overnight.
Like a few authors are rich, only a few are famous. You'll only be disappointed if fame is the reason you're writing your book. Although it's possible, you're book probably won't be a bestseller, especially not overnight. It takes time and persistence in marketing to build up a readership and achieve bestseller status. If you're seeking instant fame, the amount of work required to market a book to that level of success will probably discourage you.

So Why Should You Write a Book?
Plenty of reasons: you should write a book because you can't stop thinking about it; people have told you for years that you should write a book, and deep down you know they're right; and you should write a book because you're at a point in your career where you know it will benefit you.

Deciding to write a book is a huge decision-it's a project that takes over your life and that can ultimately change your life. But doing it for the wrong reasons will only disappoint you. As long as you're writing a book for the right reasons, you'll be successful.

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