My mentor says, "Suzanne, You must get comfortable with being uncomfortable". Ugh. That is so hard. I know why....I get it. My other mentor says "business is messy". So if you know that business is ever changing, can be messy, and really is an ebb and flow. You must be OK with being uncomfortable. Lots of unexpected things will happen. Lots of unknowns will be present. Lots of mistakes will take place. You sit in uncomfortable quite a bit. For months I have been intellectualizing this by thinking, studying, and processing.

Then the other day I got it...

Being comfortable with being uncomfortable doesn't mean you have to be out on a limb, no safety net, or reckless. It mean s you ride the big waves, go fearlessly into the ocean, and you wear a life vest. When I "got" this I recognized that most of you want to ride the big wave and launch yourselves in a huge way, but it just feels too hard or too soon. You might be ready to jump in if you had your "life vests" in place:

1) A coach. The right coach. Someone to hold your hand, kick your butt, help fix the mistakes before you make them, and give you specific examples of the "how to".

2) Support. Unless you are a VA or web designer you should not be doing your websites, autoresponders, or admin stuff. Get the help. Find the help. Borrow the help. Do only what you do and the marketing.

3) Know how to sell. Oh, yes...the dirty word. before you create programs, write material, and take 5 years of training know how to sell. You can not operate a business I you do not know how to sell. Business is about currency. You must ask for the client to get clients.

4) Have money ready to invest. To launch, grow, or makeover a business you will need to invest in yourself. Watching thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs EVERY single one that succeeded had a mentor, attended events, and invested in themselves. The money is always present. The Universe provides what we need, but you have to be open to it and willing to do what it takes.

5) Be a list builder. Realize next to selling the other must-have in your business is a constant list building strategy. You can start this today with offline and online marketing. Your job is to collect names so that you can authentically communicate your message. Collecting names builds an audience. Get some support to set up automated systems to make this happen.

These five life vests make the plunge possible. You can go into the deep end and ride the big waves because even if the water is choppy you are ready!

(c) 2009 Suzanne Evans

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