Are you coming into this article “cold”? Or you are still warmed up from having read Are you wanting to change or preserve your reality? (Part 1 of 3)? Stretching your way to increased abundance requires that you respect the rules of proper stretching. Now that you know whether stretching is for you and whether you are open to it (not sure? then go back and (re)read Part 1), you are ready to ramp up your abundance-affirming workout... for the next two secret questions provided below.

Secret Question #3: Are you doing the stretches properly?

Are you tight here? Are you and your business being held back by guilt and/or these core fears — of criticism, loss of someone’s love and/or poverty — as outlined in Napolean Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich? At any given moment, you can either feel love or feel fear... not both simultaneously. And although fear can temporarily work as a motivator, it is not life-and-abundance affirming like love is. So, it is better to resort to loving acts than to guilt-and-fear-ridden ones. Here is a popular scenario to help illustrate the difference between loving and fearful acts: Keeping the peace, a coping strategy used to avoid interpersonal conflict, is rooted in fear. For example, instead of speaking up and standing her ground about what she wants in life, which she feels guilty about doing, a self-employed mother feels makes the needs of her family and clients a higher priority than her own needs. Sound familiar? Here is a contrasting example: Drama Kings and Drama Queens, whose sole purpose is to dramatize “what is”, and people who engage others’ drama. Is that you sometimes... perhaps because you want to prove that you are right or you want to win a fight?

Moving beyond your limitation: To transcend guilt and fear, it is imperative that you ask yourself these significant questions: What am I here to create... lovingly, in this lifetime, specifically what loving relationships and worldly or community contributions? Get the picture? So, what creative project could you be avoiding right now by engaging in your and/or others’ drama for instance? Are you willing to switch your focus from dramatizing to creating the life you desire?

To help you get started on that more constructive and prosperous path, become increasingly aware of when you momentarily hold your breath, and consequently hold yourself back in life. At that point, focus on deepening and lengthening your inhalations and exhalations. Once you do, you will begin to surpass your current limits, and make progress... without experiencing the physical and emotional pain that accompany “holding onto what is”, whether it is avoiding or provoking conflict for example. How does that work? Well, when you breathe fully, you fully open yourself up to divine flow, intervention and accompanying blessings, instead of staying stuck at the level of “what is”, which is limited to human intervention only. The next important question for you is: Do you believe in, trust, and consistently allow this unlimited source of abundance to support you and your actions... because if you do, life will become that much peaceful, prosperous and enjoyable for you!

Secret Question #4: Is your stretching being supported?

Are you tight here? Are your vision and your goals being lavishly championed by a team of supporters? After all, no great achievement happens without a team. Plus, it is true that people want and need your support. But they also want to support you! To successfully monetize your life purpose through your business or career, you need to regularly and consistently ask for and get the support you need and want from other people — not just from the Universe, God or whomever or whatever you believe in.

Moving beyond your limitation: So, do you feel you deserve support, or do you resist it at every turn? Ask yourself these telling questions: Are you working alone in isolation? Are you feeling frustrated by lack of the desired results at home and in your work? Remember, your emotions are your GPS to how well you are doing focusing on and realizing your creative vision. Mastering asking for support requires getting clear about (1) what you want in life and (2) who and how to ask for what you want. You may think that your family and friends believe in you and represent your best supporters. This is not necessarily true, or at least not until you have stepped fully into your power and become successful. This explains why surrounding yourself with supportive peers who will probably become long-time friends is so very important for the success of your business (or career)... and for your sanity too!

In the next article, Are you wanting to change or preserve your reality? 6 questions can change the course of your life (Part 3 of 3), get ready to learn two more life stretches to help you change the course of your life so that you are consistently traveling the path of prosperity.

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