I have learned to turn any situation or environment into an opportunity for happiness, new learning and joy. Is this something that would be helpful to you right now? Are you hooked into the gloom and doom and negative outlook the media shouts at you through your TV and radio? You don’t have to participate in all that. REALLY! I don’t! Instead this is what I see:

(1.) I’ve seen Great Sale prices on almost everything! I’ve been getting deals wherever I shop. I like this recession!

(2.) I’ve been receiving Great Customer Service during these times of change and uncertainty. My bank called me for the first time to talk about my accounts and how they could help me better. It was a very helpful call. Then I was having a document notarized the other day and the person asked me about my insurance and was very helpful and informative. AND Have you noticed your local merchants are more friendly and inviting, smiling at you, giving you the time of the day, even saying your name! I like this recession!

(3.) People are being laid off (some from jobs they disliked, environments that were unhealthy, from bosses they didn’t get along with). Here’s an opportunity for people to get a job they like, work in an environment that’s healthy, have a job that makes you happy, work for a boss that respects you and you respect her.

(4.) You lose your job or business, you can try something new! You can become an Entrepreneur; start your own home-based business, you will have better tax advantages, more freedom and flexibility. I know! I have been a successful Entrepreneur for over 19 years and have coached many people to create successful businesses as well. Some great examples I see today of businesses doing well in these changing times are: this guy who comes by my office building to detail cars, He did an incredible job; washed the outside and waxed it and did the tires. Wow, I will be asking him to do it again, only $20.00. He’s doing great business at my office and the building next door. Another example is to become a Virtual Assistant or V.A. for usually small business owners or operators who need some work out sourced (email, phone messages, research, computer stuff, social networking). There are training companies such as www.AssistU.com and teamdoubleclick.com. If you have your own skills you can just start your own business (the pay is $20-$100.00 an hour depending on your skill level).

(5.) Some businesses do even better during times like these. I saw a news report that said Tattoo shops are doing well, so are pawn shops and businesses like my brothers-appraising jewelry, or selling/buying gold and repair shops. I am doing well as a Psychotherapist - lots of people are under stress or have anxiety, sleeping problems or couples are fighting and as a business coach I have been helping people to develop their new business ideas and success mind-set.

(6.) People are bartering and /or sharing more. People are learning how to swap services in order to get their needs met. I saw a news story where a man who needed dental work swapped his gourmet restaurant food with his local dentist. The dentist was happy and so was the guy who got $1000’s of dollars worth of dental work done for him. You could like this recession!

(7.) Trading- I saw a news story that showed a new shop that opened recently that allowed people to take an item for free out of the store as long as you brought an item in to leave in the store. They called it sanctioned shoplifting (as long as you also donate a equal or greater valued item).

(8.) I see less materialism, people are thinking more of –“Do I really need this?” And “what do I really need to survive”. There could be less waste, more recycling and repairing and sharing. I like this recession! Do you?

(9.) People seem to be asking for help more, this gives others the opportunity to give to them. People really like the opportunity to give, it gives us good feelings, like we are contributing, sharing our resources with others. What the religions have taught us, help thy neighbor! I like this recession!

(10.) Stores, Airplane flights, Hotels, tourist destinations are all less crowded, Yeagh! More room for us, we get better deals on prices and YES better customer service. YES! I LOVE THIS RECESSION!

SO you can see, there really are great opportunities happening during the recession! Instead of being in the gloom and doom and bitching and complaining, why don’t you be part of the “smile a mile club” and see the positive and opportunities presented during changing times. Maybe this is a time where old structures must die in order for us all to be happier, more loving and connected to each other! Will you take my challenge? Will you try to see one positive thing each day about these changing times?

Remember: In order to be the person you have never been, In order to have the life you have never had, You must do what you have never done before.

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