Spotting Shyness: Handwriting Trait of the Week

Written by Bart Baggett,

Are you diplomatic, shy, self-conscious or just scared of people?

While studying for Handwriting Analysis Certification, I did a written analysis for a young woman at work. After reading it she declared, “This is so me, how can you come up with all this?”

I told her that I look for handwriting traits that are known to relate to particular personality characteristics. In learning these traits it helps to understand how the mind forms them and reveals them in our writing. An easily understood trait is the height of the t-bar and it’s relation to self-esteem or self-confidence.

The height at which the t-bar crosses the t-stem is a measure of the degree of self esteem we have for ourselves. The higher the t-bar the more we like ourselves, and generally we will do better in life than someone with a low self-esteem. The lower the t-bar, the lower our self image and the more likely we will live with, and stay in, unhappy or unhealthy situations. The person with a low t-bar has a fear of change.

Why risk change if you think you can’t do better? Okay, these traits are pretty clear, aren’t they? The height of the t-bar correlates to the level of self-esteem.

Others are not so obvious. You’ll find two traits shown in the m’s and n’s which may seem unrelated: remember, opposite strokes do not always mean opposite personality traits. (Low t-bars vs. high t-bars have opposite meanings in relation to self-esteem. However, the opposite strokes in the m- and n-humps do not have opposite meanings on first look.)

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