One should not be scared to drive when they get in their car, but I tell you what I am terrified to drive. Not because of the chance of getting into an actual accident, but because of the chance that my car insurance could rise. Isn’t that backwards? I’m scared to get speeding tickets. I’m scared to open my door and scratch a neighbor’s car. It takes so long for your payments to go down. The last thing I want is points taken away from my license. It’s bad enough that you have to pay for speeding tickets and the damages done in accidents. But what really gets me is that you keep on paying for your mistake month after month with a raised auto insurance bill.

The thing that always gets me about car insurance and even health insurance is that they are there “just in case” something bad happens. What if you never get in an accident? I understand going to your monthly checkup but what if you have never broken a bone? If you are legally bound to having car insurance, it better be worth it. Take your time when choosing who is covering you. Call around and get quotes. Do your research and find the perfect company for you by reading reviews and company policies. Atlanta is a crazy driver city and it is important to have good coverage. You should feel comfortable with your provider and know that they’ll have your back in a situation.

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