What do you really say to yourself when you might
see someone living a lifestyle that you have
been yearning for, wanting and desiring?

To be more specific, What do you
say to your inner self when you see someone driving
a luxury car ? What do you say to your inner self when you see someone living
in a beautiful house? Or maybe in a very loving relationship?

As you see these things in your daily life, it is important
to be aware of your inner voice. You may notice that you are full
of anger or jealously What are you saying to yourself in these situations?
Maybe that these people are just lucky, or their money is dirty.

Now, you may also ask yourself, that since you do desire these
things, why don’t I have them yet? Good question.

You must analyze your limiting beliefs you have about
yourself and the things you desire and want. Maybe, you
desire to be rich, but you have a belief that all rich people are evil
and money is the root of that evil.

Just imagine how you will respond, when you see someone else
living a rich and abundant life, your automatic response will be
negative and unprofitable.

This is why a person that has these types of beliefs and thoughts
will never be rich. Deep in your subconscious mind you will
realize that if you become rich, this will be the way other people
will look at you. This belief may be wrong, but as long as you
believe it, the universe will give you what you want.

Reality check: If you are really honest with yourself, and I mean really honest
And listen carefully to your inner thoughts, you will probably find that you
Do hate these type of people…to some extend. They have what you want

If this is what you truly think, it is very dangerous and unprofitable
To have these thoughts, ever.

This beautiful universe is the fairest judge that exists.
If you are willing to play according to the rules,
the universe will and does reward you. If you aren’t willing
to play by the rules, then expect to keep getting what you
currently have.

If you see someone who is abundant and rich, then they
are living and working by the universal laws, so the universe
says, Ok this is what you want and I will deliver. If you find
yourself struggling day to day, then you are not living by the
universal laws. You have no one to blame, except yourself.

Would you like to know the secret?, there is no secret. You need to
send a vibration to the universe that is inline with what you want.
All thoughts are simply different types of vibrations. Your thoughts are
vibrating energy that is telling the universe that you do not want to be
rich or abundant. So the universe in all it’s beauty, says OK and will
deliver that experience.

What you need to do is BLESS these people instead of hating them.
The same logic can be applied to this as well. When you bless rich
people, the universe says, cool you want to be rich and will reward you.

Try this every time you see someone rich, or driving the car you want, or
living in the house you desire.

BLESS THEM, then say this simple phrase to yourself, “that’s for me”.
The key here is that you must really believe this, say it two to three times
After you have sent that person a blessing.

The universe will hear you and reap all of it’s beautiful bounty on you.

To your wealth & abundance
Gerald Stidham

Author's Bio: 

Gerald Stidham
Online Coach & mentor