You maybe overspending and not realize that you have been doing this to relief something that has been bothering you.

As you read further you will discover new ways of understanding to your overspending.


Buying is not only a need that you have like eating otherwise you will not survive, it is also a want, a desire.

You may buy because of a difficult day at work with your boss, clients or co workers.

Relief the stress

You may buy because you have difficulty in your relationship and the only way for you to relief the stress or to take your mind of your problems is to go out and over spend.

You may have difficulty in not saying no to family or friends who ask for things and your way of showing your friendship is to buy gifts and you over spend.

What are your gains

Because of your over spending you are gaining something, and that means that you are receiving a pay off and that can be, love, attention, or a feeling that you have more than others even if is only temporary.

You may be over spending because you may not want your children to feel the feelings you had as a child which was the feeling of being deprive.

Your parents could not afford to spend on you so you compensate with your children or your niece and nephew so you do not feel the lacking that you felt.

You may see and feel what you went through as a child was so sad and painful that you do not want others that you love to suffer.

What are you losing in over spending?

After over spending you hold yourself in a state of being deprive and trapped when you cannot pay the bills that comes in every month.

If you can pay it you live for the moment to get that quick fix and not putting aside for those emergencies because you are focus in the moment.

You may not go out to over spend you may find yourself in a daze only to realize you over spend when you reach home.

Your values

Who you are and what your values are, they are being challenge when you over spend for you do a disservice to your self worth.

You pass your limits and what you hold as important when you over spend because you use things to define who you are and not what you truly believe.

Take the time to consider what you want and what your values are.

Are your values in alignment with what you want other to know about you?

Change your routine

Breaking the cycle of over spending is to remove temptation from your environment and that means to remove the credit card, the debit card and change your routine of the place you would go to over spending.

Become aware as you change your routine emotions will surface for you to deal with.

Conclusion: Over spending can be control by understanding why you do it in the first place and changing your habits.

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