Are you in denial and in debt to the point that it is affecting your whole family?

How far do you need to go with being in denial before you lose your family?

Get divorce

Money is the number one reason why people get divorce because there is not an agreement with the family spending and if there was most of the time someone are not following through with their limited spending agreement.

If you find yourself fighting over little things in your relationship and most of the time it is surrounding money then you know that you have a problem.

Functionally blind

If you find yourself getting high in getting things and every time you get something new you feel life is wonderful only for it to last maybe a day or two and you are looking for the next thing to buy to get that next high feeling then you know you have a problem.

What is the pay off for you knowing that you are feeling good to go out and buy things and have your home fill with lots of open bags with the tags still on them and you do not know or have enough money to buy some food for the weeks ahead for your family.

You maybe functionally blind to the things that are real important for you and your family because you have had difficulty growing up and you do not want you or your family to feel what you felt as a child and that may be clouding your judgment.

Measure of success

Measure of success is not about material success alone although you may be seeing it this way and it is affecting how your family is making it.

Children throw guilt

Children are very good at throwing guilt on you because you do not give them everything they want and that tells you what values you put on things for they maybe following in your footsteps.

Every new clothes or electronic device that comes out your child feel that they must have it or otherwise they will not fit in with the group and that is where they attempt to use guilt on you.

Self worth and material possession

You may feel that your self worth is base on your material possession and how much you make and spend what restaurants you go to that may make you feel good only to be putting your family in financial difficulty.

Spending money that you hope

Spending money that you hope to get in the future is putting yourself and your family to greater moments of uncertainty and that is not helping to build a secure future for everyone.

Failing to save

Failing to save for an economic down turn is thinking that everything will be fine and that money will flow continuously and that is not necessary true it shows you are in denial of your financial difficulties.

Living within your means

You are allow to save up and buy your adult toys without putting yourself and your family in debt.

Learning to live within your means can help your children learn the value of their money when they go out to earn it themselves.

Saying no

There is freedom in saying no to people and things that is creating more financial debt for you.

You may not have the latest gadgets and your car maybe a few years old yet if it is all paid off and you can sleep easily at night that is important.

Getting help from others to stop you creating more debt is a way for you to start to get out of denial.

Conclusion : If you find yourself in denial and in debt then you have the power to get the help you need to make your priorities clear for you.

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