You may be doing things in your life that are showing to you and others that you are financially irresponsible and it is difficult to stop the train wreck in your life with your family.

Hard to change your life style

You may want to give your children what you did not have as a child growing up because you have scars of hurt that you hope your children will avoid.

Indulge yourself

You indulge yourself in material things hoping it will bring you greater joy and happiness and not thinking about the price it is costing you and your family.

Lead this family

As parents you are given an opportunity to lead your family in a way that they will feel proud of themselves and feel good about getting your family out of financial difficulties.

Parenting children out of guilt

Parenting children out of your guilt is not helping them for a better future in fact you are crippling their future.

You give them all the things you feel what you miss out on growing up and this is stopping them from learning about their talents and creativity that may be use to help them attain their goals.

How far do you need to go

How far do you need to go before you say stop I am hurting myself and my family by worrying each month how you are going to make it.

Trust your partner to tell you the truth

Do you trust your partner to tell you the truth about you’re over spending and what it is doing to the family?

Do you allow yourself to open up to other family members to tell you the truth about what price they are paying for your irresponsibility in finance?

Are you willing to sit down with your family and ask the hard questions about what you or someone you love is holding back the family?

Impress people

Imagine right now you are putting your family in debt to impress people you do not know anything about does that seem like a healthy way for your family?

You want to look good for people that you pass in the street and so you are willing to keep up an image of looking wealthy or have more than enough and in the meantime behind close doors you are having difficulty with your bills.

Greater knowledge

In general women need greater knowledge about their family income and if you are staying out of the family expensive and are waiting until it becomes too dangerous for your family it is time to make a big step and get involve.

You need to know how much your husband is earning and to work together as a team to bring your finance to a place that you can feel good about for the future of you and your children.

Asking questions such as how much you have in saving, are their insurance for the family, do we have an emergency fund, life insurance, all of these things are good to know in case of an emergency.

Free up money- downsize

The ability for you to free up money in your life means that you will need to downsize.

Having a plan of action for you and the family working together to accomplish financial goals can be rewarding for everyone involved.

When you choose to get real about your spending and allow yourself to get help and look at how your financial irresponsibility has cost lots of emotionally difficulty for your family this will be the time to create new and better lasting change that will lead your family to a healthier financial life.

Conclusion : If you find yourself being financially irresponsible and it is costing you a high price with your family to the point of losing them maybe you need to take a look at how you are going about showing your love to your family that is not working.

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