With the high array of spiritual books on the Market and the ending struggle of life, that Man experienced Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, & Spiritually over the last Ten’s of Thousands of years. It is often easy to get caught up in the Labels we chose to give our mind to find the strength to make it through the heaviest of the 666 energies.*

Many needed to keep themselves strong, and thus, as those who studied in the physical realm to deal with the Warring Mind of the World. So those who worked solely in Spiritual realm, carried on the idea of strength by labeling themselves “Spiritual Warriors.” And rightly so for the unending tasks at hand of fending off those dimensional beings who desire to own and feed off of one’s physical existence and energy field at that time. Yes, a bit like the Metaphor perspective laid out for you in the movie the Matrix, between Man and Machine. In this case that which was Created by the Living God of our Planet, and that which is Not.

Is it best to continue locking ourselves into Labels though? As our solar system shifts from one vibratory path and into another, so will our life here on the planet change, and return to that which was originally aligned to be. A place, unlike any other in the Universe. A place where we, the Children of God, live in the Glory of our Creator and our Mother (which has allowed us her body for our own). And claim our strength in the understanding of who Man really is, as Creator beings ourselves.

Also do to the change in coming frequency, which many have already consciously begun to experience in various levels, depending on the inner openness of “One to embody their own soul”. Man will be creating instant Manifestations of that which he/she is. Which will challenge us to be self realized if this is really who we wish to be! With that said, I question the label so many have latched onto as “Spiritual Warriors!”. I am in no way denouncing your spiritual Nature. I guess I am just wondering how long you wish to be at War? For in your constant thought and sound manifestations, you will, as taught by the termed “Law of Attraction”, continue to draw to you, through this limited perception, that you must battle these beings. Ah, then no rest for the wicked, is there? For through your own vibratory desire, you are continuing to propagate this thought of battle into your manifestation of daily life, no matter your spiritual belief. In other words, if you keep calling yourself a warrior, you will always, on some level, at War.

I too began this experience, trusting the words of those who had brought knowledge to teach me. As one does as they explore unknown awareness of the physical existence. Yet we become so solid in the mind, that we even become to believe that this physical world is all there is. And forget that we are only truly frequency of light and sound, released from the Creator, and through the porthole into the physical experience we now call Life. Those who continue to remember this usually become the Masters of their own being, allowing themselves to be fully embodied as Man. We of course know of many who have achieved this first step to Ascension. For they have made the spiritual wisdom they have learned, their own. Just as the great painters of the world, learned from their mentors. They too had to come into their own style and understand of Art to Create the masterpieces they did. They took the knowledge given, used it, then let go of it so it could form through their Own soul and become their Own experience, or Creation Manifestation.

In my own experiences, I was squeezed into a position of little spiritual & physical support from the solid world. I came to a new realization through my prayers, which were my only way of finding truth within myself and that of the experience I was “blowing open to”, while I lived in a Highly populated local. I was daily in battlement (and fear), as I was taught to be, to do away with all beings who were not “Of the Light”. The daily attacks were horrendous, and just going to the bus could hook me up with bizarre Entities who I could literally feel scratching and clawing at my body. Thus propagating more fear in the level of knowledge I held onto.

Though it was one day, in my tired battle that I stopped to have compassion for my supposed enemy. And here, moved by the knowledge that all is truly of God, I realized that these beings were not in fact at war with me. But were actually terrified by this realm of life that they were not a part of. Through my compassion, I was shown by my Creator and those who work tirelessly for him/her, that these beings were clawing at me or trying to control me out of fear, and I could see that I could help them from the terror they were experiencing. With this I could then see them as the essence of a small child lashing out in fear of the unknown. And I began to understand that I could be in a true support out of Love, not Fear. That if they found their way to me, means that I truly can help them by being a Lover, not a Warrior. And in my prayers I realized this was truthfully Creators desire.

And so instead of battling these children, I in turn prayed for their healing. Held them close to my heart when they latched onto me. And then allowed the Creators workers to take them to where they could be reformed into the Body of God. With this my perception changed, and I was empowered in a new form. I put down my shield and sword, and I put down all thoughts that “I am less than”. I picked up the Wisdom and Love of Creator. And began healing All Beings who came my way out of pure knowledge that I was called to this and would easily and effortlessly be given the knowledge to do so. I chose to understand that they are attracted to me, so I could be a lover of their being and aid them out of their fear. And in this, and my listening to My Source, the answers always came, and the beings were/are always healed.

With this, my work has progressed for Creator. And I have been shown many things of this world which others are too busy battling or being drained energetically to see. And I will continue to do this work, out of sheer love of my Creator, this Planet and my fellow Man. I know the War is over. For what were Warriors before the battle ensued anyway? But mere Men, who lived from the mind of their hearts* and souls to continue to Manifest Peace on this Planet. Those who tilled soil, watched their loved One’s grow in purity and deep connection to Nature.

We can choose this simple life again. WE can choose to be Lovers, and know the War is over. For as the Children of the Creator, we can and will Create our Life here. So I ask again. How do you choose to Create Life, through War or Love?

* – those in various fields of study, have allowed themselves to be shown that 666 is not the Mark of the Beast as we are told by fear orientated religious sects. But a frequency that we have been living through, which has been effecting us on all levels. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The 666 marks the span of time relative to this Vibration.

* – science has proven the Heart contains its own Neuropathways just as the Brain. Which means we can think from our Hearts!

Author's Bio: 

Jaclyne Wachell, is a Grand/Mother, Writer, Artist and a fully diverse being in the wondrous Vibratory experience we call life.
Her journey has lead her into the deepest aspects of understanding, through the simplest form of deep connection to Mother Earth. She shares her perspective with those who are open to hear it. And Prays that we will all step into the truth of our being, as we unfold the New Era of Consciousness on Planet Earth.