You know why I meet every single goal I set for myself, the money goals, the impact goals, EVERYTHING? Because it is not optional.

When I set the goal, there is no room for ‘erms, buts, maybes’! It is simply happening and that is that!

I make a decision and once I have decided?! There is no room for negotiation on the goal.

So tell me, how optional are your goals?

Is it a must?

Or a ‘only when it feels good’?

Is it a ‘The universe will cave to the force of my action’?

Or is it a “I will cop-out when it gets tough and I will say it was not the will of God for me’?

Most people make these silly excuses and the sad thing for me, is that I used to be these people! I used to succumb to the pressure when it got hot and tough. I used to use stupid phrases like it must not be the will of God for me when really, all the while, God was waiting for me to get solid and firm in my decision to play full-out and go for everything I said I wanted.

And you know what, I don’t care what your particular belief system is, I do know that you, as a spirit-driven entrepreneurial leader living a life that feels below par, are possibly using similar language when you back down from a goal that seems hard and tough. You give yourself an ‘out’ by using Spirit as a reason that you are not playing full-out.

As if your vision, dreams are just for when it feels good!

As if your vision is not your permission…

As if you don’t really want it!

And let’s be honest, do you really want it?

Or do you only want it when things are feeling good?

Do you only want it when it is easy?

Do you only want it when it does not demand that you discipline your mind and your actions to move forward?

Because, honey, with all those conditions on it, you will probably not get it.

Some spiritual types think that if it is hard to get what one wants then it must not be the will of Spirit to get it and again, THAT IS SIMPLY A COP-OUT as they look for some magical spiritual bullet that does not exist.

If you want something, you are going to have to work hard to get that something…

You are going to be scared sometimes and you are going to have to train your brain to see beyond the fear and take action as someone who gets everything they want.

There is just no room for maneuvering with this!

Unless your goals are optional!

Are they?

If not, then honey, being an entrepreneur with a big vision for what you want to create means that you daily communicate with your people…

You daily capture them into your world, social media and mailing list, in numerous different ways…

You CLOSE THEM every single day by telling them exactly how you can help them every single day in many different ways…

Refuse to go to bed until you make sales!

Keep thinking of ways to get your message out…

Be creative in telling people how you can help them.

Be everywhere, doing something!

And stop allowing the fear to win…

Show up every single day with a single focus – I WILL MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE!

That is it!

And refuse to quit until you do!

Are you willing?

Or are your goals optional?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live…

Because you want to!

PS – You will feel afraid at times and you need to be able to get past the fear and keep acting towards the goal and that comes with brain training. Your learnt response is to retreat when afraid and that will not get you the results you want. You have to retrain your brain to get you back on track to creating the life you desire and in order to stop making your goals optional.

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