Your thoughts and beliefs form vibrations. Those vibrations have power -- the power to create. Each thought vibration is like a seed, carrying potential substance into the realm of creation. How you interpret, think, and feel about everything you encounter arises out of your belief system and impacts your vibration. It acts as a lens through which you filter life.

Because Spirit moves through each woman and priestess in a unique way, unless you’ve consciously chosen your beliefs, you’re still carrying the ones you learned in childhood. It’s often not easy to realize the limiting nature of those beliefs and how much they impact your life experience.

A belief like, “You have to work hard and sacrifice for what you get in life,“ sets a certain tone that impacts your prosperity flow. A completely different vibration comes from the belief “All my needs and desires come to me effortlessly and easily,“ or “I create my life dreams with ease and grace.” Your personal awareness expands as you examine your beliefs to determine if they were consciously chosen or unconsciously passed down to you.

To reset your prosperity flow, try this experiment. Talk to yourself for a few minutes about feeling restricted in your prosperity or financial flow, and notice how you feel afterwards. Then consciously shift that self-talk in a way that becomes optimistic, expanded, and loving, and notice what happens to your energy system and feeling of abundance.

Your thoughts and beliefs impact what you draw to yourself. You have the power to make conscious choices about what you hold as true about every aspect of your life. Choose to align with the goddess as you bring your thoughts and beliefs into conscious awareness. This priestess energy increases your ability to use them as a mindful path to abundance in all things.

Here are three specific things you can do daily to reset your prosperity flow.

1. Begin noticing how you feel each time you think about or handle your money. Do you contract or expand? Remember in the moment that you get to choose your thoughts and beliefs.

2. If you notice you have moved into fear or contraction, find a way to shift your energy as quickly as possible. A simple way to do this is to close your eyes, place your awareness in your heart and say to yourself “I open to receive abundance and center myself in gratitude now.” Do this until you feel your energy shift into expansion.

3. Consciously choose thoughts and beliefs that increase your feeling of expansion around your prosperity. Keep your thoughts uplifted by listening and reading things that support your experience of expansion and flow. Anytime you need more support focus on anything -- even something small -- that you have to be grateful for and that will shift your energy back to expansion.

Learn to exercise your power to choose. Express yourself creatively by designing and defining your relationship with prosperity, using the steps above. This power of choice gives you the ability to create everything in life, including prosperity.

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Celebrated Hay House mover and shaker, and author Lisa Michaels has just released her latest book, the Prosperous Priestess Handbook. Lisa trains creation coaches and Divine Feminine leaders to dynamically increase their prosperity, intuition and natural creation abilities by accessing the forces of Nature. Her products, workshops, and trainings have helped thousands of people strengthen their life purpose and successfully propel their personal and business lives forward. With Lisa’s guidance you can become a Natural Rhythms Creation Coach or activate the Priestess within as you learn to use nature's tools to help your clients achieve heart-centered success, access divine wisdom, and grow a thriving business. Download your free “Creation Secrets” starter kit today at